A comedy of errors

Never stand between a girl and her baseball. I realize that a lot of people may find my taking issue with the MLB Network a little silly. Maybe you find it a lot silly, I don’t know. But I try to operate on principle, and the fact of the matter is that a service I was paying for advertised something and then failed to deliver. Also, I have very little life, being in school and not having an income – this is seriously the most exciting thing that’s happened to me for a while, and I am totally down for admitting that. However…

After the last post, I did indeed fire off an email to the PR person for MLB Network, letting her know of my dissatisfaction with not being able to see the game. I’d estimate it took me a good while to get everything out, trying to sound succinct but still angry, while maintaining a decent level of politeness (I will admit to using the word “horseshit” in regards to the MLB’s desire to suck money out of it’s fans vs. them realizing that we pretty much make or break them, but otherwise, I was flashing the manners as much as possible). I want to be passionate without looking like a complete lunatic, and I think I accomplished. I had the 1975 All Star game on in the background (and if I never see that much of Pete Rose again, it will be too soon), and took some time trying to make my point. I hit send, and then the weirdest thing happened…

The Mariners/Brewers game came on.

Literally the second after I sent my complaint, the audio on my TV changed, and when I looked up, it was Mariners blue and teal and Brewers blue and beer color? tan I was seeing, instead of the dye disasters that passed for style back in the 70s (really, Oakland – that color yellow is absolutely unacceptable). Mere moments after that, Jose Lopez made his first error at third base, just as Shannon Drayer had mentioned earlier on Twitter. Unfortunately, this was a Brewers broadcast, so more time was spent on talking with players and coaches on their team than on the actual game, which is totally understandable, but I was hoping to see more of Lopez. I am fully well aware that beggars can’t be choosers, however, so I’d prefer to put up rather than shut up.

Not being much of a minor league follower (something I’m hoping to remedy this year if at all possible), this was my first look at Dustin Ackley, Alex Liddi, Mauricio Robles, and Josh Fields, and the first time I was able to see Eric Byrnes, Milton Bradley, and Ryan Garko in Mariners uniforms, working through a losing game. Dustin Ackley hit a triple in the top of the 7th, a shot that bounced off the back of the center field wall over Jim Edmonds’ head. Mike Carp managed a double in the 8th off Todd Coffey with two out, but did not make it to the plate. Mike Wilson also dealt a triple in the top of the 9th, and I remembered how much I like Mike Wilson and hope he does well for us. He’s got a nice set of wheels, and watching him leg it to third was a treat. Those events were pretty much the most exciting things to happen when the cameras did choose to focus on the actual game, rather than interviewing the players or local reporters. The only runs we got past the Brew Crew was a 2-out RBI courtesy of Adam Moore, and Wilson’s last-minute blast drove some kid in who looked like his tail was on fire (numbers but no names on our practice jerseys, sadly). Final score 6-2, Milwaukee.

I guess the other half of today’s split squad fared much better, beating the White Sox. And as further proof that the universe daily conspires against me, just one more middle finger to push the angst levels up, guess who pitched against us in the game that wasn’t broadcast?

Photo courtesy Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The irony! It burns!

The one cool thing the Network did manage to do right today was a  30 Clubs in 30 Days on the Baltimore Orioles, complete with Matt Wieters interview, and a breakdown of the team. The outfield combination of Nick Markakis, Nolan Reimold and Adam Jones was referred to by the show’s hosts as the “best…in baseball”, which of course I take issue with. Adam Jones is a Golden Glove guy, but he is not Ichiro and Franklin Gutierrez, and what can I say, I’m biased. They also talked to newly-named DH Luke Scott, who says he spent time training in the offseason by swinging an axe at a tree. I’ve heard a minor rumor that Scott was not happy about his DH situation, but maybe some wielding of a sharp tool at a defenseless tree during the break got a little of that out of his system.  I’d like to see the Orioles do better this year. They’ve had a pretty bad struggle the last few years.

As a totally weird aside, I decided after class today that I would head to the Team Store at SafeCo to pick up this shirt that I saw the other day when I was looking for another shirt. As I walked in the door, I nearly ran into (almost literally) Chuck Armstrong. I had to go home and check an online photo to make an absolutely positive ID, but sure enough, it was him. He was half-joking to one of the employees about trying to push sweatshirts, as it had just started doing that bizarro snow/rain thing it was doing earlier this afternoon. Had I been a little more on the ball, I would have thanked him for the people he’s hired and the things that have been done with the club. Maybe next time I run into the President of the Seattle Mariners, I’ll be more on my toes.

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2 Responses to A comedy of errors

  1. Jon says:

    I for one was irate with MLB Networks’ funky coverage. It’s not a big deal when you look at the bigger picture, but I was so excited to get my first glimpse of Mariners baseball that I was about to go all Milton Bradley when the All Star Game carried on for a few minutes.

    Then I went out and did something, only to discover that it was on when I got back, but I had missed the first 5+ innings.

    And the Brewers coverage was almost unbearable.

    But I got to see Dustin Ackley, Alex Liddi, Milton Bradley, Mauricio Robles, Jesus Colome (I think I like him), Adam Moore and even Carlos Triunfel pinch running (and looking like he’s in great shape after ballooning while layed up with the broken leg). Overall, I’ll take it.

    But… hmph.

    • section331 says:

      Just in general they didn’t handle it well. I don’t understand the rationale – show a game from over 25 years ago, or show a game that’s happening now and help get fans jacked up for your current product? There are a lot of people psyched for the 2010 Mariners – they can only help that, I’d think, by showing more games.
      And yeah, the Brewers coverage sucked – but I didn’t want to be all Complainy McComplainerson about it more than I already was.

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