The universe hates me

I was going to watch the game today in delayed time on the MLB Network. But it looks like the MLB Network feels that people in Seattle don’t need to see their own team, just like ESPN feels that we don’t need to listen to them, either. I will not repeat here the words I said to my TV upon finding out that the game was not going to be shown today. Not having had sports channels until this one, and thus not being familiar with blackout laws/rules/arbitrary nonsense, I am not sure why this game is not currently on my TV. It actually seems pretty lame that I’m shelling out extra money for a channel that won’t show me a game that my beloved team is playing or did play earlier today.  In fact, it seems downright counterproductive. It’s a Spring Training game, folks – I live in Seattle, not Arizona, and couldn’t pay to go see it if I wanted to. There are going to be some people getting a few angry emails, as soon as I finish this post. Two Mariners training games, and Mariners fans in Seattle aren’t allowed to watch or listen to either of them? I realize that money is the only thing that matters here, but this is pretty reprehensible, to me.  I’m a college student; I can’t afford MLB.TV, and even if I could, why would I pay for it? I have FSN for all the games (which I also pay for via Comcast).  I really fail to see how allowing fans to see the games in Spring Training is going to hurt their economic bottom line, since, again, I’m paying for the MLB Network as we speak.

I guess logic and business don’t always go hand in hand, and the MLB Network isn’t actually here for the fans, as they give the impression during their many commercials talking about how awesome they are. If this situation doesn’t improve, I will simply cancel the channel – I’m not going to pay to not see things. Ridiculous.

OK, no more negativity for today; I promise this could have been a lot worse, and I am truly reining it in here…

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5 Responses to The universe hates me

  1. Scott says:

    Right there with ya……..It was a pretty big letdown

    • section331 says:

      It’s on now! Channel 407! They played several innings of the 1975 game, and then put the Ms game on in the 4th inning, and it’s been on ever since!

  2. Eric says:

    As an employee of a large cable provider, I get calls all the time with people pissed off at us when “their” show or program is supposed to be on but in fact is not. This is when I try to calmly explain THE CABLE AND SATELLITE PROVIDERS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER WHAT THE NETWORKS DECIDE TO RUN and they retain all rights to change their programming at the last minute with no word whatsoever. Not our fault. Call them and get pissy, don’t call us.

  3. Eric says:

    Sorry, not trying to jump on you. You made it perfectly clear your anger was directed at MLB Network. But when you mentioned your cable provider I had to step in and run block on that.

    • section331 says:

      No worries. I actually had quite a pleasant talk with someone from Comcast today because the HD version of the channel hasn’t worked for two days now (since I got it, basically). I honestly don’t blame Comcast for this – it is an MLB issue – they posted it as a show to be shown on Comcast, then blocked it once it was finally time to be shown. That was all I meant – the only reason I mentioned the cable provider was as a course of description, not blame.

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