O, happy day!

I arrived home early from class today to find these sitting on the kitchen table:

Pardon the blur – I’m not much of a macro-picture taker.

I do, however, feel so much more secure about Opening Day. It’s one of those things where you know you’re going, but without tickets, you’re still in a bit of a haze – this was the pinch I needed to believe it.

There. I feel a lot better now.

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2 Responses to O, happy day!

  1. I’m frustrated because the presale starts tomorrow at noon… meaning I’ll be at school. I can try buying them at lunch or something, but I’m just praying it’s not a problem if I buy them at like 2:30.

    • section331 says:

      I can’t imagine it would be – at that point, they haven’t even gone on sale to the general public – and ours were in a lottery situation; we got LF season tickets, and those were entered in lottery for the upper deck at a discounted price. I’d think you’d be OK still…

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