Fridays at SafeCo

I spent most of yesterday grappling with some pretty bad pain as a direct result of getting too much tetanus vaccine on Tuesday (we have to get a battery of vaccines in order to do our clinicals, since some of us might be working in hospitals – everyone has to suffer). It was so bad that I didn’t get much sleep Wednesday night, and it wouldn’t allow me to take a nap or get any sort of rest yesterday. It seems to have subsided a bit today, but the next time I have to do this, I’m going to request that they don’t weigh me with all my clothing and shoes on. Lame.

I did manage to watch/nap a bit through a Red Sox/Mets Spring Training game while propping the laptop up so I could see GameDay’s rickety playback of the Mariners/Giants game that was taking place at the same time. We won, oh, yay. The Red Sox also won, complete with about a 45-minute rain delay. I did not see Adrian Beltre, but Mike Cameron played. I don’t know how he did, I likely slipped off into a light nap. I’ll just say I’m sure he did swell.

Another one I’m sure I’ll have framed, though now that I’m looking at it, the dirt might be a little overexposed in the foreground. But it’s a picture I love, nonetheless.

My parents (and some random kid), on their first SafeCo Field visit. It was a game in August 2008 against the Orioles, and I went nuts because Chad Bradford was on the field taking warmups. Unfortunately, all I had was a lame little point-and-shoot, so my photos of Bradford were fairly worthless. This one came out alright.

Bonus shot. Because August marks my parents wedding anniversary, my brother and I pooled together and got them an announcement on the board, which also comes with a souvenir baseball, two hats, some gift certificates for Ivar’s (which were promptly given to me, as there are no Ivar’s in Baker City Oregon), and some other sundries. My mother was tickled, and wore her hat steadfastly throughout the entire game. We even made her a rally fries sign (the kid in back of us with the fries props won).

The 2009 bullpen, before the big meanies at MLB took their helmets away. I actually got to see a little Chris Jakubauskas action during a Pirates Spring Training game the other day. He did well. Not lights-out, but well. I hope they don’t make him wear the backpack again this year.

Lastly, Jerry Brewer at the Seattle Times has an article up about Mike Sweeney and Ken Griffey Jr, who are still keeping things loose and fun in the clubhouse. Hearing about stuff like this makes this team so much more fun and easy to follow/love. Every day brings us closer to the home opener, and it’s getting more difficult for me to wait. As it is, I’m all jacked for the Spring Training games that will be on FSN next week. Three of them! It’s going to be sweet to finally see a Mariners broadcast for Mariners baseball. Woo!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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