The last 3 weeks are a killer…

These next 21 days are going to be unbearably long. We have three games being broadcast on FSN this week on Wednesday (7pm PST), Thursday (1pm PST) and Saturday (1pm PST),  so that will provide a little respite, but the end of Spring Training is kind of a dead zone for me.  Today, I plan to spend my time recovering from my weekend and watching the Yankees/Pirates, Indians/Padres, and Twins/Red Sox games on today, along with listening to the Ms game on the radio.

Jerry Brewer has a human interest article about Franklin Gutierrez up at the Seattle Times. I’m familiar with the fans’ side of the relationship, but never know if the players know how much we love or hate them, and have never known how they would feel about it if they did. That article answers those questions. I love that Gutz knows how much we love him, and I love that he loves it, or at the very least feels that sense of comfort that comes from knowing that other people absolutely adore your job performance. He feels secure having a long-term contract and a job he excels at, and we feel secure having him planted firmly in center field. Everyone wins!

More cuts have been handed down, and Erik Bedard is back on the mend, or so they say. Old news, yes. I’ve been a little busy this weekend for a change, and all of this news has come in in the past 48-60 hours or so. I haven’t been able to keep track. Lookout Landing has some links compiled in one handy place, along with a little bit of talk about yesterday’s Spring Training game, which I listened to on the radio while watching other teams play on MLBN. Doug Fister had a bad start, Garrett Olson didn’t make things better (one could argue he rarely does, and yet I love him so – I’m positive it’s an underdog thing), and we lost to the Giants 8-4. I must have been napping when Michael Saunders hit his home run – let’s just say that Friday was a bit of a rough night. Fun, but rough.

Erik Bedard is getting better. Yes, there is still a metric boatload of reasons why I’m skeptical about his recovery; but I’m not worried about it because I have so much faith in the organization as a whole. And even a handful of games with Bedard in tip-top shape would be better than anything that Doug Fister or Jason Vargas could currently provide, though I prefer to remember the Vargas that went to do battle against Randy Johnson last year and won, than the Vargas that is currently doing horrifying things in the desert.

This week marks the last week of school for me for Spring term/quarter/whatever. I have two weeks off after that, which will include a trip to Portland. Tom is leaving for six weeks on a US tour (conveniently, right at the start of baseball season), so I’ll be at the show here and down there. The Portland visit is of baseball significance, because it looks like I will be meeting up with Jon Shields from ProBallNW and Jeff Sullivan from Lookout Landing. Even when I’m doing something that isn’t necessarily baseball-related, I manage to throw baseball into it. I desperately wish that baseball season started earlier, as I would try and make plans to attend a Beavers game while down there, but no such luck. I’ll just have to go back later in the year. Also, I’ve now used the word “baseball” six times in one paragraph. All baseball and no baseball makes Megan a baseball baseball. Ten times.

Rainiers tickets finally go on sale tomorrow! I have two final exams, but am hoping to get done with them in time to be back home at noon so I can either call or drive down there, whichever turns out to get the job done. I don’t want to have to wait in a line anywhere, but I also really would like to be there for their Opening Day on the 8th.

Felix Hernandez gets his first Spring Training start today. Geoff Baker’s got the lineups here. Looks good, and I approve so far of anything that includes Matt Tuiasosopo. Everyone is, by now, likely well aware of how much of a case he and Mike Sweeney seem to have been making for the majors this year. The Jose Lopez Third Base Experiment (the name of my next band) is not instilling a great amount of confidence in me, despite a few really good plays he’s reportedly managed to make. It could be my resistance to change, but at this moment, I am very much interested in a Tui-at-second, Figgins-at-third, Lopez-elsewhere situation.  And I can’t really say that without sounding like I don’t like Lopez, which simply isn’t true. I do like Jose Lopez; I just feel that his days in Seattle are numbered, and they should be.

This was supposed to be a small post. Oops. In the top of the 9th inning, the game I’m watching is 10-3…Pirates. The 2009 World Series winners are being made to walk Pittsburgh’s plank, and their crowd could not be happier about it. Ms game is almost on here, if I’m not misunderstanding the time differential. GameDay and 710 ESPN await, gotta go…

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6 Responses to The last 3 weeks are a killer…

  1. Argh. I’m going to miss part of the Wednesday game, all of the Thursday game, and probably part of the Saturday game. Brutal.

  2. Harrison says:

    I hate that you use the metric system… so does Erik Bedard

    • section331 says:

      I don’t think he does. I think he loves it, because he knows it irritates me, and that’s how he rolls. I still love him, but in more of a Canadian way, so a little less than our US players….

  3. section331 says:

    Griffin – Awesome! I’m going to be watching a Diamondbacks game on MLBN around 2pm, too, so I get a full day of kickass tomorrow. Will be good to see the boys again on a local broadcast, it’s been a long winter…

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