Wednesday internettery

A quick poke around the internet while I’m sitting here watching the Angels brutalize the Diamondbacks this afternoon…

Ken Griffey Jr plays a giant (literally) prank on catching coordinator Roger Hansen. Gorgeous, though I’m not totally sure what Hansen is cranky about – it’s a great photo. Then again, I have no desire to have my own face blown up to several times it’s normal size and plastered on a wall somewhere. This is why I have jumbotronphobia.

Just when you think it’s safe to get back into baseball, Dave Cameron gives you a little smack across the face. I am excited about this upcoming season, yes, and I encourage others to follow suit as much as possible – but we all really need to stay grounded and keep things like this in mind (and I say this more for my benefit than anyone else’s). To take this a wee bit further (even though I’d rather just relax and drink this beer and not worry about it) Bill James was on Baker Live! last night, extolling the virtue (or lack thereof) of the 2009 Mariners as a 70+ win team, rather than the 85-win team we were. I do actually understand this concept, while at the same time telling myself that hey, they were wins, so I don’t honestly care how they were obtained. I just need to remind myself to keep my feet on the ground…

Also, this just needs to stop. Either hire the guy or don’t, but stop with the rumors, already. I have more to say on the subject, but maybe when or if it actually happens, right now I just want to enjoy my afternoon.

Tonight FSN is showing the first local broadcast of a Spring Training game. At 7pm, local channel 30, or, if you’re cool like me, HD channel 627. There will also be a showing of the Ken Griffey Jr “Unscripted” program at 6pm, and a Mariners All-Access right after. Catch it if you can!

EDIT: This just in, via Baker’s Twitter, along with Shannon Drayer and Ryan Divish as well. Are they joking? Obviously, that is a rhetorical question, as they obviously aren’t, but this is just ridiculous. A bench-clearer in which nobody got hurt or hit, and a 5-game suspension for a ball that got away from our pitcher. Thanks, MLB, that makes a lot of sense.THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!

There’s also this, which I just found out about. I’ll keep my opinion to myself, because it’s not my team. The Diamondbacks are trying to make a comeback, there is Mariners baseball on this evening, I have far more important things to worry about.

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