Fridays at SafeCo, Freedom Edition

Just got done with the last final of the term, and am very thankful to have the next two weeks off. Shenanigans will commence starting tonight. Oh, yes. It appears that I will be finishing this term with a GPA hovering right around 3.7 or so, though final grades haven’t been handed down yet. I’m just stoked because this sort of marks the last haul before baseball season starts, and with Tom taking a trip around the country with his band, yes, I will miss him, but I get to enjoy about 6 weeks of baseball guilt-free. Did I mention shenanigans? Now onto some photos!

A beautiful day in Seattle today, I am eagerly looking forward to when those beautiful days are enjoyed under the watchful eye of the SafeCo left field lighting bank.

Lil’ Dougie Fister, warming up before a game he started against the Oakland A’s last year. I love his wind-up. Conor disagrees with me, citing Fister’s propensity for not being stealthy enough with hiding his pitches, but I like the high kicking and the angle he winds up from. There is no other reason than that I find it aesthetically pleasing. If he could do that and keep his hands hidden? Great!

Probably one of my favorites. I wish the details/contrasts had been a little better, but it just means I have to work on my photo skills, though I always feel like I’m taking pictures at the zoo.

I have a few hours left; I am currently waiting to speak with an ex-instructor, but after that I’m outta here for two glorious weeks, weeks that will include going to the Sounders home opener next Thursday to scream myself hoarse, helping some friends move, and my trip to Portland, where Jon Shields and Jeff Sullivan are going to try their hardest to annoy me.

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