This deserves it’s own post…

…because hell yes.

When the scramble was on for tickets to the USSM/Lookout Landing event at Benaroya Hall in January, S331 frequent-flier Craig D was unable to get tickets, even after they opened up the second run. He told me that if there was any way I could find anyone who had extra or had a situation where they couldn’t make it, he’d hook me up with some of his season tickets for one game. Days went by, the date got closer, and I figured that there was just no way anyone would relinquish the good-as-gold passes to sit in a big room with baseball geeks and listen to bloggers and front office folk talk for a few hours.

The morning of the event, I stumbled upon someone in the Lookout Landing fan section who had posted that they had an emergency and were unable to go to the meeting. I Twitter DM’d Craig, and miracle of miracles, he managed to procure the ticket and was able to attend the event.

Good as his word, he sent me two seats to go see Tampa Bay in early May, and some…extra stuff…

This is now hanging on the wall in our spare room, much to Tom’s delight horror:

Thanks again, Craig D! You’re the best! One more step in baseball’s slow-but-sure domination of the house…

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5 Responses to This deserves it’s own post…

  1. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    If ya ever need to get Tom to do something (or just need veto power over something)….. Just threaten him with asking me to send ya the 131 other posters I have sitting in my closet collecting dust πŸ™‚ (2 more of the JJ too)

    You can also thank the Mariners people in the Front office….They offer the promo package to season ticket holders…and since then I get 6-24 of every promo item given away each year.

    Hmmmm….this year I actually have 12+ of every item coming in July and October….

    David Ardsmaa posters June 6 game….(I’ll get it mid July)
    Say the word and 12 Aardsmaa’s will be looking at Tom….Muhahahahaha.

  2. msb says:

    Ah, Craig, where were you when I had two small nephews, and needed double the give-aways πŸ™‚

    • Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

      And the best Giveaway items are for 14 and under…..
      Who ever in the Mariners Marketing department came up with the idea of packaging up 1 of every item, and then letting Season ticket holders get them……

      Pure Genius…..
      I sell the silly bobbleheads and it pays for nearly everything….and I get to give away the cool stuff πŸ™‚

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