Our Cliff Lee is broken!

I don’t have much time, we’re off to a friend’s house for Friday dinner and a little bit of celebration of Things That Don’t Suck. Unfortunately, the newest news about Cliff Lee does suck, and is not good news.    Not good news at all.  Geoff Baker reported the original news earlier, and I didn’t want to panic. I’m still not in the mood to panic. It’s Friday, I have two weeks of freedom looming ahead (looming?! Maybe not the best word), and I’m not in any mood to be cranky over this. Please be OK, Mr Lee, please, please, please.

On the other hand, I wonder what they’re going to do about that Suspension for Nothing? Funny how the guy that wound up with the suspension is the one that got hurt

Don’t mind me; while I am keen on hanging out with friends tonight, those friends also happily announced earlier today that they’d downloaded the Lady Gaga pack for Rock Band, so…yeah. Things are tough all over.

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