I just watched this documentary at the suggestion of this post by Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing. Given my recent (extremely) brief foray into the world of fantasy baseball, I found it very interesting. I don’t know that I necessarily feel better about myself as Sullivan indicates I should – I’m sure I enjoy or have enjoyed hobbies in the past that would make others roll their eyes at me – a trip taken from New York City to St Louis to play a tour date, the end result of which was me netting $12.50 for several days travel and a little over an hour’s worth of music played (not to mention the three people that showed up to see it) – so I’m taking a to-each-their-own approach with this one. I certainly couldn’t do it, and while I can see the fun in it (the subject of the doc does get to meet several of his fantasy players in real life), it seems like an awful lot of time and energy expended in the name of…well, I’m not sure what, exactly.

I just prefer the real game, with the real guys, in a real stadium. Real baseball -as real life- is often far more exciting and interesting than anything I could put down on paper.

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2 Responses to Fantasyland

  1. Slurve says:

    I watched that the other day and the main character is VERY obsessed. He’s an incredibly lucky man to find a wife that could put up with that. I love baseball both real and fantasy and honestly fantasy baseball introduced me to the rest of the MLB by making me look up how other teams and players are doing. I don’t think I’m obsessed with Fantasy baseball as I’ve only been playing for two years but I did have a dream where I apologized to Evan Longoria for not drafting him this year(so far I have 2/3 drafts left) when he was such a beast for my team last year the other night so…

    • section331 says:

      Well, yeah, he was obsessed, and to a pretty far extent, but on the flip side, his hobby (and job, obviously) did allow him to do a lot of really cool stuff. Hell, I’ve only been to one MLB stadium! lol

      I can certainly see the appeal of it – helping to pick out a team the other day was a fun experience – I just don’t think I could take it all that seriously that I’d be losing sleep and calling people at all hours of the day for trades. Maybe if there was a prize involved or something. 😀

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