Reality’s finally sinking in

After a nice dinner of Zeek’s pizza and beer last night, I got to come home around the 2nd inning of the Mariners game against the Padres. I was, how you say, not terribly impressed. A few things stood out about it, though…

  • Again, with the Jason Vargas. Through 6 innings, he kept the Pads scoreless. I heard via Twitter from Jon at ProBallNW that Vargas used to be a pretty decent hitter in his college days, and true to that, Vargas managed to rack up a single against our NL rivals, going 1 for 2 during his time on the field. I know, I know, small sample size, but Vargas has been doing reasonably well against the lineups he’s faced (at least from what I’ve heard, thanks again to both FSN and ESPN Seattle for helping to keep me ignorant of Spring Training -reading about it just isn’t the same, guys), and in light of our current situation, beggars can’t be choosers. We could do worse than Jason Vargas for a short-term starting pitcher replacement. We might still do worse. I hear Garrett Olson’s available…
  • Chris Woodward is no Adrian Beltre, and he demonstrated it last night by attempting to bare-hand a fairly well-hit ground ball. It didn’t work, and he lost the play at first. I’m in no way obtuse enough to think that Woodward will be joining the major league club, but it just further drives home the point that we lost a lot at third when Beltre left. I’ve never had it out for Woodward, he’s just a utility guy doing his job, one of the lucky few who’ve made it around the fringe to play in a handful of MLB games. I wish him well, and support his endeavors as long as he’s wearing the blue and teal.
  • David Aardsma scares me more and more every day. Brandon League, however, does not. Maybe that’s me trying to find a bright spot in all of the darkness that has recently closed in on the Seattle Mariners, or maybe I’m just trying to find another of my beloved relief pitchers to latch onto while seeing in my mind’s eye what may be Aardsma’s inevitable “regression” (in quotes because I normally leave the big words to the smartguys). All I know is that League’s innings have seemed to go a lot more smoothly than the guy who’s supposed to be our shutter-down of other teams. Toss in the fact that League is like the me of baseball (tattoos, piercings, large-gauge earrings), and I’m absolutely sold. Plus, you know, I’ve heard good things about his ground ball rates

Nobody likes being told negative things about their team, and lately things have been getting to me. I’ll admit it, I fell for the hype. In the past 48 hours, however, I’ve gone from falling for the hype to just being satisfied if we have a winning season like last year. Come in 3rd? No problem – so long as we’re above .500, I’ll be completely content. Remember how just a few days ago I was saying that I was going to try and maintain a semblance of being upbeat, even in the face of reality? Yeah. Today is not one of those days where I’m going to do that. I am still just as excited for April 5th and 12th as I was several months ago, still eagerly waiting for baseball to really truly start, but I’m starting to carefully put the season in caution tape and bubble wrap for my own safety.

Man – I’m apparently very goth today about baseball. Maybe it’s the weather in Seattle, and the realization that as much as I crave a live sporting event, the idea of standing out in the rain and 40-degree temperatures for the Sounders home opener today is much less appealing than, say, going back to bed under a nice warm comforter.  I’m sure I’ll be in full gear by the time I’m ready to leave the house and go to Fuel, but right now after one cup of coffee and at 10am, the prospect does not sound too thrilling. Maybe more coffee is necessary to work up the proper singing voice for the March to the Match today. I am currently thanking my brother over and over in my head for last year’s Christmas present of a Sounders hoodie. That thing is going to save my bacon tonight…

Oh, this will also mark the first live event that I’ve had my own access to Twitter for, so there’s that. There likely won’t be any photos posted to my Twitter account – I still haven’t worked everything out with the new phone – but I’ll try and update what I’m doing, where I’m at, and other general observations as I can, if anyone cares.

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