This game is terrible! What? JJ Putz is on Twitter?!

I didn’t take a lot of notes on yesterday’s game. We tied the Rockies 11-11, and started off well countering their A-list with our own. Ichiro and Chone Figgins did what I hope they’ll do a lot of during the regular season, starting off the game with a single (of course), and then a home run* to drive it in, and the first inning tipped the game off 4-0. Ryan Rowland-Smith did a fairly decent job, but Kanekoa Texeira and David Aardsma were not on their game at all. Tex doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the DA. Aardsma has had too many fly balls, too many walks, too little ground balls and too few strikeouts this spring. I don’t want to lose faith just yet, but things aren’t looking bright. Regression to the mean is a cruel mistress. The only other bit of any significance was poor James McGowan running into the left field wall and dislocating his elbow or maybe shoulder – I couldn’t tell, but his arm didn’t look like it should as he was walked back to the dugout. Ouch. I could talk about Josh Bard’s performance later in the game, but it would involve a lot of words I’ve promised myself I won’t use here…

Doug Fister went up against the Rockies today, and was not terribly successful at keeping them from hitting through 5 innings. But not to be outdone by Fister’s inability to miss bats, our offense was also not taking a lot of liberties in the hitting department, either. I’m pretty sure I was supporting Fister more than our offensive lineup. Mike Koplove followed up with a terrible 5th inning, and Brandon League came into the 6th, allowing a solo home run blast to Ian Stewart, which was followed by a double from Clint Barmes. It’s getting to the point where I’m wondering if it’s that we can’t pitch, or that everyone else can just hit better. I hate thinking it’s either, but right now, it looks like I’m certainly in no danger of going to a tattoo parlor anytime soon.

Brandon League was removed from the game when he gave up a 3-run dinger after the solo shot to Stewart, and he walked off the field looking like he’d just run a marathon. Levale Speigner (I didn’t even have to look that up – cool!) was brought in to try for the final out in the 6th , but that didn’t go well either – he allowed a run and a triple while taking on his first two batters, then finally managed to get his third batter to ground out to short. By this time, the Rockies were already 10-0 over us.

We wound up grabbing a run in the 6th, then a two-run homer by Tommy Everidge, who is a bit of a mystery to me still. His hit wound up over the left center bleachers, driving in Mike Sweeney and setting the score at 10-3, which is slightly less embarrassing than being shut out. I have no idea who was throwing for Colorado, but once again the pitch was down the middle, in what Everidge referred to several weeks ago as his “happy zone”, and his swing was straight, came right around, and launched the ball at a Coca-Cola machine behind the stands.

It was actually around this time that I found out that JJ Putz has a verified Twitter account, my head exploded, and I lost complete track of the game being played. Sad, I know, but so was the game, 10-4 going into the 9th, where it stayed until the game finally ended.

I think I have managed to meet my goal of not taking Spring Training too seriously. I may have sounded like I was panicking at times, but I’m truly not, I promise; my sarcasm and bad jokes are merely blowing off steam. I’m just excited for the season to start, and March has been the longest month I’ve ever lived through. I will be taking in the game tomorrow afternoon, and spending some time with my friend Eric watching the Yankees and Red Sox do battle in Fenway at Boston’s home opener at 5pm as well.

*Yes, I am aware that home runs from Figgins are not necessarily to be expected, but a girl can hope, right?

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3 Responses to This game is terrible! What? JJ Putz is on Twitter?!

  1. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    JJ Putz on Twitter……

    The question is….how did you compose yourself enough to make a blog post?

    I would call it a near miracle.
    Bonus points to you for not fainting and losing consciousness.

  2. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    March has been about 12 weeks long (at least). Real baseball at last!!!

    Wanted to let you know I picked up tickets for a couple of games yesterday – in Section 331! Wanted to see if this really is the best seating in the upper level. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • section331 says:

      Awesome! We’re in 182 this year, I believe. I’ll be taking a lot of pictures of the back of people. :/

      Section 331 is nice because you get an angle on everything – the away scoreboard, everything on the field, the big scoreboard in CF, the cafe, bits of the city, etc. My only complaint would be that sometimes fly balls look like home runs from that vantage point Your mileage may vary, of course, but I certainly liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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