Aquasox put the “E” back in “Everett”

I am just about wiped out here, and I have to get up in a little over 6 hours or so, but I wanted to get this out before I pass out. School is going to be a killer tomorrow, not looking forward to it.

The Everett Aquasox are going to be rocking new duds this year, link to the press release located here. A new font on the frog logo, an “E” for “Everett” reminiscent of the old Mariners trident, and little blue “frog sox” – check it out:

Here’s a picture of the new design caps and sweatshirts that will be available:

And of course, the uniforms themselves. These are the road jerseys:

And you can read more about it here at the Frog Blog! The home unis will be white, of course. Aces. Looks good, and I especially like the throwback “E”. I know a lot of people who miss the trident design the Ms used to have. Now hopefully they can finalize that roster so I can learn my Sox for the upcoming season (starts June 21st, don’t forget!)

I think that will about do it for me today. It quickly approaches midnight, and waking up tomorrow at 6am for an 8.30 class is not going to be easy. I can already feel the ache from this afternoon’s catching session setting in, and it is most definitely time for bed. All in all, an excellent day for the Seattle Mariners organization, wouldn’t you say so?

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2 Responses to Aquasox put the “E” back in “Everett”

  1. spankystout says:

    Shouldn’t there be a rule that minor league ballclubs can’t have a cooler logo than its parent team? Bring back the trident! Hell the M’s should get corporate sponorship from trident gum.

    • section331 says:

      haha! I think it’s a neat change, personally. The previous logo was slightly cartoonish for me, and it is a nice tie-in with the Mariners. Kind of like the lettering on the Rainiers unis are very Mariners-esque.

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