Fridays at SafeCo

I did go to the Rainiers’ home opener last night with Conor, and I have been working on a post this morning, but it may have to wait until later this afternoon or tomorrow. The temperatures last night were severely distracting. If what Ryan Divish was telling us about the temperatures in the press booth was accurate, I don’t see how those guys can concentrate on their jobs – my attention span shortens the colder I get. Warmer weather is not an issue, but the cold always gets to me for some reason. I do have something worked out, and a few photos I was able to get before my hands rendered themselves unusable, so I’ll try and get to that in a while.

But, on the Friday before Opening Day, let’s go to SafeCo Field, shall we? I have well over 2,000 pictures to choose from, but I found some squirreled away in another folder on my desktop…

The bullpen, post-National Anthem and pre-game. This was such a common sight and I took so many photos of them last year, I can’t remember what night it was on. Silva doesn’t appear to be in the huddle, though, so I’m assuming it was sometime mid-year.

Self-explanatory. Taken from the front rail in last year’s section 323. I’m 99% sure I was with my friend Brandon, and I believe this may have been a game we lost against the Angels, where Brandon overheard some kids talking about the loss thusly; “Those guys in the red were turds!”

One of my favorite photos of Franklin Gutierrez. Taken the night that Jessica and I gave the bullpen our signed petition for their helmets accompanied by the letter we sent to MLB, we were watching the first inning from the Budweiser Landing before going to our sets. Gutz tracked down the ball for the out, because that’s what he does.

Monday can not get here soon enough. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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