Game 1 @ Texas Rangers.

My schedule of things to go do being what it is lately, seeing game time tonight being at 5pm for some reason translated to me as it being at 7pm PST. Don’t ask. I’m still trying to adjust to all of this, and having so much going on isn’t helping. I had places to go tonight, so my game watching was punctuated by getting ready for that, but I was able to watch or listen to most of the game.

Jason Vargas faced off against Colby Lewis this evening. We already had a run in the top of the first inning, and I was going to be complacent during the bottom of the second and take a quick shower, but with Vladimir Guerrero and Nelson Cruz coming up, I really wanted to see what Vargas could do against the middle of the Rangers order. Guerrero hit a single towards Milton Bradley in left field, followed by a Cruz single to right. Vargas struck out Chris Davis, who tried to check his swing unsuccessfully. Taylor Teagarden made Vargas work a little before he decided to strike out swinging as well. Joaquin Arias grounded out to third for the final out, and I felt oddly secure in leaving the game for a few minutes to get ready for my night. Turns out I was relatively justified, at least for a little while – when I got back to the game in the bottom of the 4th, the Rangers were still hitless, and Vargas was just getting Guerrero to fly out to right center. He wouldn’t be so lucky with Cruz’s second at-bat, however – Cruz went yard on him over center field, much to the delight of what looked like a packed house. Teagarden went down easy and swinging.

During the 6th, I took some more time away from the TV after Ichiro got a single to get ready for my night. As I was picking out some bootlaces (yes, I color coordinate my boot laces, don’t judge), I heard the makings of an attack by Texas. By the time I came back out of the other room, Texas had racked up four more runs between Vargas and then Shawn Kelley, who had been sent in to try and stop the bleeding. I got more than a little disenchanted for a few minutes, but in the top of the 7th, we loaded the bases. Colby Lewis and company had a discussion on the hill, and with one out, Jack Wilson was up to the plate. Jack Wilson struck out looking, which brought up Ichiro Suzuki with two out and loaded bags. On a 1-2 count, Ichiro grounded out to first, unremarkably, sadly. Opportunity gone.

As I’m posting this here, I am about to leave for the night – but it’s the top of the 8th, and Casey Kotchman just hit a dinger into the upper deck at Arlington to up the score 2-6 Texas. He was responsible for the first run, too. I will likely listen to the remainder of the game on the radio as I travel to my destination for the evening, but I don’t know how happy I’ll be about it. I want to love these guys, and really, I do; they’re just not returning the favor right now, and it’s a bit of a crusher to start the season. I’m hoping to be able to look back on this in August and laugh. Pretty please, boys?

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