Disaster strikes in Arlington

All you need to know about today’s game can be found here. All you need to know about the way I feel about today’s game is unfit to print in this space, because I promised myself I wouldn’t. These are the current standings.

Tomorrow is Opening Day. Conor and I will be chilling at the Elysian Fields Brewery across from Qwest Field from noon until about 2-ish or so. I’d like to see the opening ceremonies, featuring (for anyone who’s been under a rock for the past few weeks) Death Cab for Cutie, and Randy Johnson throwing out the first pitch. Since everyone has their individual pre-game rituals, I’ll just leave this an open invitation to anyone who might want to come and say hi. We’ll be in the bar area, and will likely just try to grab a larger table, first come first serve.

Tomorrow is Opening Day. My expectations are suddenly not that high, after having two series taken out from under us, one by the team we start yet another series with tomorrow. At this point, I don’t care how a win is accomplished, so long as it’s accomplished. I’m hoping that Ryan Rowland-Smith can settle in and do what we all know he’s capable of doing, and that our bats heat up in the friendly confines of SafeCo Field. I hope we all join in welcoming Milton Bradley and Chone Figgins and Casey Kotchman, and that the energy generated by a crowd that is normally pretty tame (by sports standards, come on, now) is enough to let them know we’re glad to have them home, and that they can level out and make with the winning.

Come back home, guys. Tomorrow is Opening Day.

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4 Responses to Disaster strikes in Arlington

  1. spankystout says:

    The product should have been left in the Arizona sun a few more days to ripen.

  2. spankystout says:

    Wolf whistle at Bradley all game! Make him think about somehow more positive. Or bombard him with positive reinforcment.

  3. spankystout says:

    “something more positive”……….damned predictive text.

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