Game 2 @ Texas Rangers

Life got in the way of baseball today, as I was recovering from an extremely late night out for most of the early afternoon today. An old friend was in town, and a group of us celebrated as a group of people might when an old friend comes back for a visit. I did succeed in catching the game today in the 7th inning, when the boys were down 3-1. Figuring it was a wash and that I would have nothing but complaints, I watched it, but not with much enthusiasm. That was, however, until the 9th inning.

The Rangers sent in Frank Fransisco, their closer, to shut us down, but it didn’t work. Casey Kotchman, Rob Johnson, Jack Wilson, and Ichiro conspired to drive in one run, and then the tying run came in on a Ken Griffey Junior at-bat. Franklin Gutierrez forged the lead run off Darren O’Day (I’ve been awash in sidearmers lately, I love it), and with the score at 4-3 in our favor, David Aardsma came in for the save. Aardsma needs to give Gutz a massive hug or a juice box or something for a running leap to rob Elvis Andrus of a home run that would have sent the game into extras. It’s another of our one-run games, but that’s fine, I’ll take it.

The one thing that did bother me, however, is that this game wasn’t won on offense. It was won on bad pitching. I’m not going to complain too much; a win is a win. But I’d rather see the game won on skill, rather than luck. Skill is Gutierrez making that catch in center. Luck is walking Rob Johnson in the 9th. It happens, certainly – guys have bad days on the hill, and dole out the wrong pitches to the right batters. I guess I’d just prefer to see us play at the level that this group of guys should be able to play.

Of some degree of interest/hilarity is this little nugget from yesterday’s game. I know some people find the middle finger offensive, and that’s fine; it’s supposed to be. But I really don’t care much about this. In the short time I’ve been following this team, I’ve seen a lot of interesting things, heard a lot of interesting stories, tracked fabulous highs and soul-crushing lows. But we’ve never had anyone on the team who incites this much emotion from fans both near and far. Everyone has an opinion about Milton Bradley, regardless of what team they love. I think we need Milton as much as he needs us. It’s about time we crazied up a little, and I welcome it.

Game 3 tomorrow, before the Seattle Mariners come home for the day that I’ve been waiting for since last October. The next 36 hours cannot go fast enough!

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4 Responses to Game 2 @ Texas Rangers

  1. spankystout says:

    Milton Bradley is getting played like a board game. I love the interactions as long as the team is isn’t impacted. Telling fans to “f&ck off” is pure hilarity. Its been more interesting than watching the scoreboard, that is for sure. I agree a little more “skilled” produced runs would be encouraging.

  2. Chris from Bothell says:

    I love seeing Milton’s fire and temper and would love for him to do well this year; I agree that the Ms have needed a D.S.O.B. for a while.

    I really, really, really hope that the Ms fans show Milton a lot of love. I think you’d see an almost Grinch-like “his heart grew 3 sizes that day” from him if he saw signs and cheering and standing Os for his first field appaearance and all that sort of thing.

    But who’m I kidding? We Ms fans need to be told on the scoreboard when to stand, when to cheer, and when its rally time. 🙂 Plus, we’ll be lucky to have it stay about 40 degrees with the wind from the water coming in, especially later in the week for the night games.

    And for how anemic this offense looks (again… sigh) I don’t mind some games early on that are really “they lost” rather than “we won”. Heck, you could actually argue it’s a hallmark of supposed pitching-and-defense teams, that a good part of how they win is they capitalize on the other team’s mistakes, making their opponents have to play perfect ball in order to keep up.

    • section331 says:

      DSOB. I like it!
      We have a really, really weird team this year. If we could rake in some wins, that’d be swell.

      It’s funny what you mean about the scoreboard, and a massive complaint I have with the game of baseball. A friend of mine who is a Sounders fan was noticing last year as well that the atmosphere in SafeCo is “generated” by the field, not by the people there to see the game. I realize that the game is a bit slower than soccer (a “bit”, haha!), but when *I’m* the loudest person in my section whenever Aardsma comes in to save, there’s a problem. I’ve never been to other stadiums, so I can’t speak for them, but it does seem that a lot of fans at the Safe are more occupied with drinking beer and making sure their kids are comfortable than being into the game.

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