I spent the better part of the early afternoon watching the Sounders and the Kansas City Wizards do battle on the XBox pitch at Qwest Field. The game would have ended in a draw were it not for the delicious miracle of stoppage time, in which the Sounders managed to hammer a goal past KC’s goaltender for their one and only point of the match. The Wizards came back past Seattle’s defense and tried to shoot on Casey Keller, but that’s like trying to shoot on a brick wall, and they were not successful. Keller was angry at his defensive players, but stoppage was over mere seconds after that, and the Sounders emerged victorious. It was brilliant. Just imagine that I said all that in a British or Australian accent – it will sound more like I know what I’m talking about.

Turns out that the walking-backwards-in-a-line thing with the bullpen is, indeed, a new thing. “Idiots” or not, they’re easily the most entertaining bullpen in the MLB. The only problem is that now, whenever I see them do something weird, I’m automatically going to think it’s a “bullpen thing”, when it might just be someone tripping over something to get a drink of water…

While the game went through its early innings today, I was vaguely paying attention to the Mets/Cardinals game, which, as we were in our 3rd inning, was in its 17th! If you haven’t yet, you should check out Mets Grrl. She writes well, and her insights to her team are worth the read.

I was fairly otherwise occupied during tonight’s game (went over to Kathleen’s again, had dinner, wine, etc), but I did (of course) watch Ryan Rowland-Smith’s start this evening. He did decently against the Tigers, only allowing one run and four hits through 6 & 1/3 inning, but Justin Verlander was nearly as effective at keeping our offense down, too. Brandon League came in to replace Hyphen, and gave up a run to tie the score 2-2, and in the middle of the 7th, I figured on another one-run game, extras, or both (I was graciously denied). For some reason, mariners.com is pinning the second run on RRS, too – not sure why, as both the game and GameDay clearly show League was responsible for the Tigers second and last

In the bottom of the 7th, Milton Bradley took a walk from Verlander, then stole second. Casey Kotchman hit a double, and while it scored Bradley to put us over, Kotchman was gunned out trying to make it to third. Jack Wilson popped up for the final out, but we had our run, and Mark Lowe was warming up in the bullpen.

Lowe allowed two on in the 8th, and had it not been for our defense, he might not have gotten out of it in a pleasant way. With the bottom of the 8th up, Ichiro was only lacking a home run to hit for the cycle, and when the broadcast came back from commercial, the crowd was in full effect as he faced down Phil Coke. Coke walked him, and the crowd wasn’t happy about it. Neither was I. Coke was taken out and replaced by Joel Zumaya, who came in to face Franklin Gutierrez. After grounding into a force out for Ichiro, Chone Figgins stole second, and Gutz hit Zumaya’s pitch into the left field gap, sending Figgins home with a single. Zumaya got Ken Griffey Jr to fly out to center.

David Aardsma came into the 9th to shut ’em down with the help of an excellent catch by Milton Bradley (seriously, so thankful for defense). We are now at .500.  I love it. Do we sweep? Dare I even think it? Only tomorrow knows…

EDIT: Thanks to Evan, who pointed this out to me:  “the run was charged to hyphen because it was his baserunner, and he is still responsible for him, even after leaving the game.”  I should probably get a book on scoring to brush up. Every once in a while stuff like this (obviously) escapes me. Chad Gaudin, utility infielder, etc…

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6 Responses to .500

  1. Evan says:

    the run was charged to hyphen because it was his baserunner, and he is still responsible for him, even after leaving the game.

    • section331 says:

      HA! Thank you! That is one rule I’d forgotten. I should probably find something on scoring to read, seriously. There are little bits and pieces of rule that escape me upon occasion. Like this one.
      Well good for Brandon League. lol

  2. Erinbev says:

    Saturday was a GOOD sports day. I was at the Sounders game (YES!) and was so tempted to go to Safeco after that, but didn’t…*SIGH* I went Sunday instead. 😦

    • section331 says:

      Yeah, we went Sunday instead. I’m hoping to be able to coordinate an all-day thing, Sounders/Mariners eventually, but will depend entirely on money. This hobby ain’t cheap! :/

  3. Erinbev says:

    Mommy and Daddy have season tickets for the Sounders, but I was able to go Saturday (as well as first kick!) because my mom couldn’t go. I’ve decided that someday, I *will* do a Sounders/Mariners double game day, and it will be amazing.
    We’ll see, haha.

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