Aversion therapy?

Things will be a little less recap-y around here for a while this week. Life is starting to snowball on me, and I am suddenly without a regular schedule. I will do what I can when I can. Hopefully this mess will be over with by the weekend.

I have photos from yesterday’s game ready to go, but think I’ll need to wait until Thursday(off day!)  to post them up or talk much about it. I had to make good on my end of the season ticket deal after the game, and Real Life(tm) got in the way of me having any time to sit down and write, and frankly, it may wind up just being a photo post after I have time to sort through things anyway. I probably would be a little more bummed about this if the game had actually been anything to write home about, but as it was, it’s barely anything to write about here – the best part was our seats.

The Everett Aquasox have a little bit of an announcement concerning a Dan Wilson appearance and a Ryan Rowland-Smith bobblehead night. I may not go to either of those games, but Opening Day and Root Beer Float Night are high on my list of priorities for making the trek to Everett (along with, of course, my visit to the press booth in June). Strangely, this doesn’t seem like much of a “trek” anymore, since I’ve been going to school in Lynnwood.

And, while writing this, I just got a call from Jessica. It turns out that a fan of Brandon’s (he writes excellent comic books, you know) is giving them four tickets to the Orioles game tonight, plus we have tomorrow night’s game in our plans already…ahhhhhh! Baseball! In my face! Tonight’s a Doug Fister start, too. I’m extremely tired from helping a friend move today, but I’ll see if I can suffer through. I’m very noble that way.

Go Mariners!

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