Mariners brutalize Orioles

I was tired yesterday – I didn’t sleep well, and then helped a friend move. By the time 2pm rolled around, I was ready to just hang out and watch some TV and wait for the game to come on. But my friends Jessica and Brandon had other plans, and called me to let me know they had 4 lower deck tickets to last night’s game. So I tossed on my Orioles t-shirt and Mariners jersey, and Conor and I headed down to SafeCo Field to meet them for a night of Mariners baseball, dinner, and crazy comments from the people around us.

Fish and chips were procured during the National Anthem (I know, I know, we didn’t have much of a choice), and we were all in our seats by the time the game started. Doug Fister vs. Brad Bergesen. I didn’t take notes because I was just too exhausted, and I find it more difficult to take notes while I’m actually at the game than I do when I watch from home. I’d rather take in the atmosphere. Speaking of which, I probably need to stop Tweeting during games, too; twice I’ve done it, and both times I’ve missed a few things that have happened. I’m not good at using the tiny keyboard on my mobile, and should probably cut my losses there.

The game started out well enough; Fister and Bergesen both pitching well. But Bergesen crashed in the third inning, the Orioles defense was simply not all that good, and the Ms took advantage of it in spades – 7 runs via small ball and one Casey Kotchman 2-run homer, pelting Bergesen and going through the entire Mariners batting order until Bergesen was taken out in favor of Jason Berken, who dealt to Rob Johnson as the last batter, the second time in the inning. Johnson struck out swinging, his second out of the inning.

Doug Fister had a no-hitter going through about 6 innings and change, and everyone in the 14,000 or so crowd knew it. When he left a slower fastball where Nick Markakis wanted it, he got hit. He also got a standing ovation from the lot of us. After allowing a few more hits and a run in, breaking up the shutout as well, Fister got Lou Montanez to ground out to end it, and received another standing O from the fans. He was followed by Brandon League with a nice smooth 8th, and then by Shawn Kelley who gave up a home run to Ty Wigginton, but had an otherwise alright 9th to end the thing, 8-2 Mariners.

We were kept highly entertained by two gentlemen in back of us, who seemed to have little idea of certain aspects of the Mariners organization. One of them was wondering aloud where Kenji Johjima had vanished to, and came to the conclusion that he was dead. The other corrected him, saying that he had, in fact, gone to the Oakland A’s. Insert straight-faced emoticon here.

I always feel badly when we beat the Orioles. They put the beat-down on us back in 2008, but since then winning a game against Baltimore seems rather hollow. I’m guessing that it’s because I have a soft spot for them that I will likely never get over. Whatever the case, we’ll be back in left field tonight, and looking out the window, I’m hoping it doesn’t rain. Jason Vargas again, facing David Hernandez. I’m also keen to try some of the new food options there, just haven’t decided what yet. Some photos from last night:

Brad Bergesen deals to our boys.

Eric Byrnes and Mike Sweeney discuss their plans for a really laid-back Hug-a-palooza after the game.

Franklin Gutierrez swings away, some guy’s head makes a special appearance.

Casey Kotchman hits a home run – yes, this was the exact moment, I got really lucky.

Brandon League takes aim.

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