Fridays at SafeCo, last Sunday edition

I never got around to putting up the photos I took from our impromptu game last Sunday against the Tigers, so here are some of them, and they’re going to be huge. I’m debating making all the photos posted here a larger size so that people won’t have to click on them to enlarge. Thoughts? Should I create a poll or something?

The game was a loss, but we did manage to take the series of course, and our seats could not have been better for watching Ian Snell take on the Detroit Tigers (many thanks, again, to fellow Twitter-er Jen Howson). Conor and I went down to the Safe and were lucky enough to take in some Mariners batting practice. If anyone has any information on what determines the Ms taking BP after gates open, I’d very much appreciate it. It seems to happen on Sundays, but not reliably, and if there is any sort of schedule they follow, I’d love to know about it. It’s a rare thing to see.The only one I was able to get any photos of was Ichiro, who was stepping up to the cage as we walked towards the field. The pitchers were all out in right field, but I didn’t go after them – I was afraid that by the time I was able to get over there, they’d be done with BP, and my opportunity would have been lost. I was wrong – note for next time.

ESPN Seattle’s Matt Pitman was doing the pre-game show from behind home plate. We’d been listening to it in the car on the way down. Serious Matt is serious.

Jose Lopez plays catch:

The bullpen were walking backwards just before I shot this, but I couldn’t get the camera out and on fast enough to get them that way. Kanekoa Texeira has been responsible not only for the Hello Kitty backpack this year, but for the one remaining helmet they have left as well. The 300 spirit lives on:

Ian Snell deals to Johnny Damon:

Chone Figgins takes a ball in the dirt, while Franklin Gutierrez warms up in the on-deck circle:

Sunday was also Salute to Kids Day (or Salute to Children Day,  I can’t remember). They do this every year, and there are “mini” versions of the players, the camera operators, the announcers, DJ, etc. Lucky kids. Further adding to the atmosphere, the player photos through the first round of the batting order were line drawings colored by kids, including the happiest picture I’ve ever seen of Casey Kotchman:

The bench players for the day (and Jason Vargas and Doug Fister), lining the rack and watching the game:

One of my favorite between-innings things that doesn’t happen too frequently is Mega Moose. A few years ago, it used to dance around on its own to that “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song (I feel strange capitalizing that). Last Sunday, though, the Moose was pretending to “control” it while it performed various movements to Styx’s “Mr Roboto”. With the game going as badly as it was, Mega Moose offered a moment of levity.

The Tigers won the game 4-2. We just couldn’t do much against their pitching that day for whatever reason. In this photo, Adam Moore has just struck out, and Jack Wilson is about to follow him:

Kanekoa Texeira was part of the relief crew that day as well. He looks like he might be tap dancing in this picture, but I assure you he’s just thrown a strike. Absolutely:

The Tigers send in a Jose Valverde to shut us down, and it’s all over:

The seats were marvelous, and the weather was great. At one point, a bald eagle slowly glided across the sky above the stadium. I spent most of the game waiting for a cotton candy vendor to show up – I could have gotten up and gone to get some for myself, but eventually it became an issue of principle. Conor managed to grab me some when he went to get garlic fries, and after I had eaten the entirety of a giant blue puff of candy, I remembered why I don’t eat it all that frequently. After the game, we took advantage of the pleasant weather to head out to the Jerwas and make good on another installment of yard work to pay off our ticket debt. The day was so nice, I didn’t even really mind the loss.

Tonight the boys go up against the Chicago White Sox. As I started to write this, JJ Putz was at a Costco in Chi-town. Ah, the miracle of the internet. I’m hoping he ditches Costco in favor of making an appearance in the game, which is an early start today, 5pm on FSN. Let’s go, Mariners!

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