Tacoma Rainiers offer for tonight’s home game

I can link to their FaceBook page here, and if they don’t update anything further for a while, it should be the post at the top, but if you can’t see it immediately, the deal is…

The Pierce County Health Department is partnering with the Tacoma Rainiers to give out free tickets and H1N1 shots before tonight’s game against the Salt Lake City Bees. Looks like David Pauley is the starter. So go! Flu shot! Free game!

I am not able to go, no matter how badly I want to. The one time I had a flu shot I had such a negative reaction to it, that I just can’t bring myself to get another one. I am dreading the possible mandatory shots that may occur with my future line of work, and even though I have pre-clinical vaccinations that are supposed to happen, I’ve been putting this one off as long as possible. I think flu shots are in general a good idea, but not for me – and not even baseball can change my mind here, I’m afraid.

EDIT: Also, here is the offer on Twitter

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