Here comes the waaahmbulance…

More bullets, observations…

  • Unlike our last-minute win in Kansas City the other day, I didn’t break down during today’s game when the Rangers scored 3 runs off King Felix in the 2nd inning. I still held out hope, didn’t turn the game off until it was over, etc etc.
  • Vladimir Guerrero should never try to steal. Ever. It’s embarrassing.
  • I don’t know what is going on with Franklin Gutierrez’s facial hair, but it has got to stop.
  • According to the FOX announcers, one of our designated hitters has the “lowest slugging percentage in the American League”. While in general I’d like to see the whole FOX empire drive off a cliff, hearing that the guy on our team whose job it is to slug can’t is annoying.
  • I just reread this post again. Ugh.
  • Jesus Colome was sent into the 5th inning to relieve Felix, and promptly gave up a hit and a run. Shawn Kelley must be laughing his head off right now. Or crying into a very large glass of beer. It has been said (though just by whom is escaping me currently)  that there was “no way” Colome would clear waivers. I respectfully disagree.
  • Texas made a lot of throwing mistakes today.
  • The only good thing about this series so far is that I got to see Darren O’Day.  Twice.
  • During the 8th inning I was so depressed that I had to drag out the Eduard Khil “Trololo” video to try and cheer myself up. It didn’t work that well.
  • It’s the 9th inning as I post this. The Mariners are attempting to launch a small-ball attack, and the crowd is going bonkers. Frank Fransisco is trying to convince his managers that he should stay in the game.

Like a lot of others, I woke up to this news. Lee was only supposed to be around for a year anyway, but after yesterday’s game, this is like a kick to the teeth when the jaw’s already broken. Mr Braunecker picked a hell of a time to make this announcement.

Time to step away for a bit…

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5 Responses to Here comes the waaahmbulance…

  1. spankystout says:

    A pitcher of Lee’s caliber doesn’t want to waste away on a non-competitive team. He might be bait in July if this team keeps on the same path…….don’t fret the M’s will probably retain Mr. Glass (Bedard).

    Time for a Guinness to nurse the wounds.

  2. section331 says:

    Oh, of course not – it just would have been nice to hear this after he got a few wins under his belt, rather than after an ugly loss like last night’s. :/

  3. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Keeping Lee seems like a long shot at best, but the lack of offense can’t be helping matters much. Ugh.

    Oh well, Go M’s!!!

  4. spankystout says:

    I think that is why us fans are restless right now. If the M’s made the playoffs Lee would be more interested in staying. But this offense is terrible, and the little things like bunting and baserunning have also been terrible. Which means if this pattern keeps continuing the M’s could be sellers sooner rather than later to maximize returns.
    Unless Jack Z is content with the compensatory picks for a type A free agent.

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