Holy roster moves, Batman!

That was fast.

Verified again here. And here.

This doesn’t solve any sort of Griffey/Sweeney problem, but…wow.

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2 Responses to Holy roster moves, Batman!

  1. Chris_from_Bothell says:

    It solves the Griffey/Sweeney problem if the new guys are used correctly. (Langerhans in LF almost fulltime, Bradley at DH almost fulltime, Griffey and Sweeney planted firmly on the bench.)

    I also full expect Sweeney to be hidden on the DL with a “bad back” for the rest of the season, until or unless his roster spot is needed and there’s no more expendable minor leaguers to swap around with.

    • section331 says:

      I more or less meant not having either player on the team. They’re still both taking up bench spaces right now. I don’t see the point in continuing that line of planning for very much longer. Byrnes was not doing well at the plate, but he could certainly offer a level of defense that neither Griffey nor Sweeney is really currently capable of. I’m simply fed up with that particular situation. I’m likely in the minority.
      It’s my understanding that whatever moves are to be made next have nothing to do with the DL, but that’s just on the wind right now…

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