Bits and pieces Tuesday

Back from school, debating how many layers to throw on before tonight’s game. We get Vargas. Again. This will be the third Jason Vargas game we’ve had tickets for. I’ve seen Doug Fister and Ian Snell besides. It looks like I picked a bottom-of-the-rotation ticket package. Woe! Woe, I say! Then again, with Cliff Lee projected to start again tomorrow, and Ryan Rowland-Smith projected for Thursday, I’m no longer sure where the top of the thing is these days…

There is not nearly enough of this going on at games. If more fans ran out onto the field and got tasered, I’m pretty sure I could get Tom to go to more baseball games.

I love just about everything about the Mariners blogosphere, because I learn something new nearly every day. But nobody likes bad news.

Lookout Landing has been doing a series of “Fan Gauge” posts recently, wherein readers vote on a scale of 5 whether or not they like a certain player, using their own personal criteria. I have tried to do all the ones I’ve seen, but am probably the wrong person to participate, since, while I get aggravated by things the team does, there is nobody on it that I actively dislike. I am a bad fan…or the greatest fan, depending on how you look at it.

I was forwarded an article that I read this morning on booing, and its place at SafeCo Field. The writer makes some decent points, however, my position on booing is, simply, to each their own. I choose to reserve my boos for bad umpiring or what I perceive as bad umpiring. But more often than not, a nice solid swear will suffice for me. Yeah, these guys are getting paid a ton of money to play a game, and yeah, they’re professionals, they can handle it, whatever. But to me, they’re also people, and while I do agree that booing is part of the game, I prefer to take the ECS approach and simply support my team with my presence and cheering as necessary. And not leaving before the end of the game, an absolute must for me personally. Everyone follows their team the way they see fit. Booing is just not for me. Your mileage may vary. In any event, it’s an interesting viewpoint, so check it out.

Now I get to spend the next couple of hours trying to figure out if  I want to drag a blanket around, or if a hoodie and scarf will suffice. I’m a little apprehensive about tonight – Tampa Bay is in first place, over even the New York Yankees. It’s a little daunting to face them. Guess we’ll see if the recent roster move(s) have made any difference right off…

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