Yeah, I was there

I debated writing about the game fresh back from it, but figured that was a bad idea, like calling an ex when you’re drunk at 3 in the morning.I don’t have any pictures worth posting, either. We spent a good hour and a half at Hooverville before going into the game, so I was more concerned with dinner and staying warm than taking photos.

What is there to say, though, really? It was another game where our starting pitcher maintained and the offense didn’t bother. Another game with weirdly shoddy defense. Another game we lost. Another game where Ken Griffey Jr was brought to the plate, the fans stood up and applauded him, and he spent the night going 0 for 4. That whole Griffey-as-hero thing, by the way, is almost becoming gratifying to me at this point. It’s a massive comedy of errors, watching thousands of people worship at the altar of nostalgia, only to be shot back to earth with a swinging strikeout. Or a groundout. Or a flyout. This game is fun!

But that’s not where the fun ends…Milton Bradley had the chance to drive in at least one run with the bases loaded, and simply failed to deliver. Being as far away as we were and at the angle we sit at in 182 it was a little difficult to tell what was going on with him, but he did not swing at the pitch. When the Mariners next took the field, he had been replaced by Ryan Langerhans. I’m letting this slide until we find out what happened. No speculation here, no false accusations, no surmising that something Dark and Sinister might be happening in the Mariners clubhouse in 2010 – what’s the point? Until the organization is willing to explain why Bradley was pulled from the game, I frankly don’t feel like it’s any of my business, and will take Don Wakamatsu’s stipulation that it was a strategic move as the final word. I was just glad to see Langerhans. Ryan Divish at the Tacoma News Tribune has some thoughts on the subject here (gimmicky repetition for the win, as the kids say these days). It really bums me out that the team’s woes may be blamed on Bradley regardless of the fact that there are other forces at work conspiring to failure. We had hecklers in the bleachers again last night. They didn’t spend a lot of time bothering with Bradley, but if that’s what he has to put up with every game, no wonder he feels like there is pressure on. We’re digging our own grave here, folks. One thing I know for sure, I don’t envy Wakamatsu his job.   EDIT: Then there’s this…more news may be forthcoming, if this is true.

We tried to mount an offense in the bottom of the 9th, but when your tie run is Jack Wilson, realistically, you’re not going anywhere. Dave at USSM has a more in-depth write-up on everything than I can provide, and he’s right – if there is anything good to take away from last night’s game, it was Jason Vargas. He threw 108 pitches last night in his 6 & 2/3 innings, 71 of which were strikes. Three of the Rays 5 runs were obtained on Vargas’ watch, but that wouldn’t have been an issue if we’d been batting. Nobody at Lookout Landing has posted anything reviewing the game, and Scott Weber at ProBallNW is still annoyed. Can’t say I blame them, but am hoping someone from either site has some input later today, and maybe some humor could be injected. I need a laugh…

To add insult to injury, it started raining early in the game, which meant the wind blew rain mist in at us for almost all 9 innings, and it was nearly unbearably cold. Forty-eight degrees is claimed, but I’m not buying it.  Brandon nearly called Jessica to come and get him until I suggested cocoa, which staved off the cold for a while. I had a light blanket, but it was not quite enough, and the bleachers cleared out of the few people sitting in them somewhat early, so there was nobody sitting in back of me to block the wind. I spent what was left of the evening with a stress headache from trying to keep my shoulders hunched up around my ears to keep my neck warm. Ugh.

Tonight Cliff Lee takes the hill against Matt Garza. I will be perfectly content to watch it from home.

EDIT: No, this post doesn’t acknowledge the other follies that occurred last night, but they were certainly there in spades…. and now Lookout Landing has chimed in with words of caution on the Bradley situation…

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