Griffey thinger

I had a good 6-7 hours of homework to do yesterday, so no time to prattle on about this before now. I also figured that I’d wait and see what others had to say, especially after hearing about Shannon Drayer’s response to the original article. I had the Yankees/Tigers game on with the sound off while taking care of a bunch of stuff for school, and seeing this “news” on ESPN’s ticker, I was certainly annoyed enough to try and write something, but it is hard to shift gears between the pharmacology of anesthesia and baseball (and baseball doesn’t grade me), so I didn’t want to come out of my zone.

I’m not entirely sure it’s my place to even take a position on this, and the “facts” are already pretty well-known by now:

  • Ken Griffey Jr was outed by two as-of-yet-unnamed players for taking a nap in the Mariners clubhouse during a game.
  • The practice of grabbing a few winks is not uncommon throughout Jr’s career.
  • Fans and reporters alike spent most of yesterday flipping out about it. Flipping out so hard, in fact, that it made national headlines.

As is my curse, I can see both sides of this situation. I understand that people are angry about the current state of the team, and are looking for someone to blame. But I also understand that when you’re tired, you’re tired – and if you don’t have an immediate job to do, a nap isn’t a terrible idea. People want Junior to leave of his own accord. They want something to happen (seriously, how is this a punishable offense? What are you going to do, suspend them for talking to local press?) to the players who talked to Larry LaRue. I have even seen at least one person suggest that allowing this information outside of the clubhouse is the team’s way of making Griffey’s projected eventual release more palatable to the public (he took a nap?! Off with his head!). This is absolutely true. Brock and Salk’s FaceBook page doesn’t lie.

I was originally planning on trying to come up with a new angle on this issue, but I can’t. All I can do is agree with Jeff and Conor (who is technically agreeing also agreeing with Jeff). Baseball players do a lot of things on the job that Normal People don’t do. They invent games to play in the dugout while the job is in progress. They chew tobacco. They spit on the floor. They publicly grab bits of themselves in a manner that the rest of us would be sent to HR for. And sometimes, apparently, they catch a nap in the clubhouse when they need to. The fact is, as has been mentioned several times in the past 24 hours, they could have woken him up to pinch hit. They chose not to. If you’re looking to place blame here, place it on whomever decided to not do what has reportedly been done before. If you want to be angry, be angry with Griffey’s production, not the fact that he took a snooze.

As far as calling for the ouster of the two players rumored to be involved in dropping the news…Are things different in the clubhouse this year? Hell yes they are. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. But we can either dwell on this and be miserable over it, or we can take it for what it is, and accept that not every year is going to be 2009, because frankly, we don’t have much of a choice. 2009 was Wonderful and Awesome, and I’m sure that there were a lot of us (myself included, I’ll ‘fess up) who thought we’d see that again. But we won’t. Unless this team starts winning, we just won’t. I know it’s aggravating, trust me. Even the bullpen’s lone gladiator helmet seems to have lost a bit of its meaning, and that hurts me to say. I don’t like feeling this way; but I don’t have a choice. As much disappointment as I harbor with this year so far, the Seattle Mariners are, for better or worse, my team. So I’ll just have to put my Big Girl Boots on and deal. I don’t care who the two players were, I just care that all of them start playing better baseball.

As an additional side note, I don’t know how in the world I missed this, but I did: Eric Byrnes left the stadium on a bicycle?! Like inside the hallways?! Man, I’m gonna miss that guy!

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2 Responses to Griffey thinger

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Junior is a future HOFer, and I don’t care if he naps in the clubhouse. I agree that if they wanted him to PH they could have woken him up. My concern is that Junior looks like he is done. For the good of the team, he should retire. And that is painful. 😦

    Byrnes was done, but he was an interesting guy. Some of his antics you couldn’t make up if you tried. 🙂

    • section331 says:

      You have to admit, it’s been making for some awesome jokes. That and Sweeney challenging everyone to a fight.
      I kind of wish Byrnes had done better – would have loved to see his weirdo behavior progress.

      Whatever you can say about this team this year, you *can’t* say they haven’t at least been interesting. 😉

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