Ok, UNCLE! Enough, already…

OK, seriously.

No, really, stop it. Not Baker, just this whole mess.

For some real fun, check out Ken Rosenthal’s Twitter page, which has claimed over the past hour, in quotes, that Mike Sweeney challenged the entire clubhouse to a fight, calling the original article “lies”.

I wore my Orioles jacket to school earlier, but I’ve taken it off now. Let’s all be friends and play some ball and just chill the hell out. What do you say? Can we just play some baseball, guys? ….guys? Hello?

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2 Responses to Ok, UNCLE! Enough, already…

  1. spankystout says:

    I don’t envision Sweeney as being a fighter. I think he would be the recipient of an epic beatdown. Maybe I underestimate the overzealous fundamentalist……. Wouldn’t it be
    counter-productive in building team chemistry to fight a teammate? Irregardless, it is hilarious.

    • section331 says:

      Yeah, it really is. I can appreciate making a stand for Griffey’s honor and all, but what a weird way to do it.
      Now, I’m hearing rumors that Cliff Lee won’t talk to TNT and is urging the rest of the team to do the same. If nothing else, it’s been an interesting year so far, certainly…

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