AquaSox FanFest in Everett!

Click for full-size readable text! I am not sure if I can go yet. The end of this month marks past midterm for school for me, and because I have a few Mariners games that week, I may have to use that Sunday as a work day. But we’ll see.

I didn’t do a game post last night, opting instead to go to a nearby park with Conor and work on my throwing arm (some day, maybe there will be a little video of this remarkable phenomenon. Every once in a while, I actually manage to get it over the plate.)  I’m just sort of waiting to see how all of the recent drama plays out, and how the road trip continues to go. Game 2 @ Orioles is going on now, and I see that Matt Tuiasosopo has made his way back into the big league dugout. I’ve always been a pretty big Tui fan, so it’s nice to see stuff like this written about him. Glad to see him back up.

As I post this, Ryan Rowland-Smith has just given up a solo home run to Luke Scott, and the Orioles are ahead 3-0. Hyphen tossed 55 pitches in 3 innings. Poor guy. He’s been struggling a lot lately. Ian Snell is in for relief, and just got his first out.

And as the Mariners try to claw their way back to .500 on the road, I have to go visit a friend and finis the game over there. Happy Wednesday evening!

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