Fridays at SafeCo

Tom finally gets home from tour today, and I’m putting off cleaning the house, even though it badly needs to get done.  So rather than do the responsible thing, I’m writing a blog post instead. Go, me! is a great site with a lot of information and enough humor to have almost killed me from laughing more than a few times. Unfortunately, some things get lost in the shuffle, and fanposts can get very long. When that happens, gems like this are missed:

So, some pictures as I further procrastinate:

Taken last Thursday from our seats in section 325, courtesy of reader Craig D. The Rays pounded us into the ground, and I never made a game post about it because I was annoyed. I did manage to get a few pictures, though.

Jeff Nieman deals to Jose Lopez. I liked this shot because I managed to get the ball in progress and Lopi’s swing. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but it appears that I may be getting a new camera soon, and I’m hoping to go SLR. This little Canon takes some awesome photos, but I’m ready to move up a little.

“Meeeemmmooorriiiiiieeees…..” Taken at FanFest 2009.

I’m going to miss some of Doug Fister’s start today because I need to do a favor for a friend that involves driving. I’ll try and catch the rest of it on the radio. Despite Dave Cameron’s recent look at the reality of the situation, I still hold out hope – if not for playoffs, then at least coming out of this season at .500.  I decided the other day that if things were still awful by the end of this month that I would give up hope, but until then, the boys have two weeks and change to step it up before I put a white flag outside the house….which, by the way, I need to clean. Boo.

Enjoy your weekend!

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