Winning is fun!

Much more fun when I am able to sit and actually pay attention, but fun nonetheless. I couldn’t watch the whole game today, but did manage to get the first five and a half innings of it in before I had to leave to pick Jessica up from work, as her husband has their car because he is currently working on the 48-Hour Film Project. Listened to most of the rest of it in the car on the way down to Auburn, but fell asleep in the parking lot waiting for her to come out of work, because I’ve just been exhausted all day long. I understand we won. Sweet.

Franklin Gutierrez started everything off well in the first inning by hitting a two-run dinger over the left field wall. Outside of a balk in the 3rd inning, Doug Fister managed to hold his own against the aggressive Tampa Rays. The balk gave up a run to Tampa to put the score at 2-1. Adam Moore obtained his first home run of the season in the 5th, a solo over right field. By the time the top of the 6th inning rolled around and I had to leave, Wade Davis had already given us 3 runs on 5 hits, vs. Fister’s line of one run on 4 hits. Franklin Gutierrez made second then third on a throwing error by catcher John Jaso, and Davis intentionally walked Casey Kotchman to face Josh Wilson, who popped out to left field. I had to take off.

The final was 4-3, and I heard that David Aardsma got another save. I listened to a little of Matt Pitman’s postgame show on my way home, and he pointed out this article by Shannon Drayer, wherein she speaks with Don Wakamatsu regarding the catcher and DH positions.

Adam Moore hit a home run today. Rob Johnson has five passed balls already this season. Wakamatsu claims that their main concern at catcher is defense, which everyone must surely be aware by now is more Moore’s forte’ than Johnson’s. It sounds to me like there is a good chance we may be seeing more of Adam Moore in the near future – and at this point, that is just fine with me. I’ve gotten a little tired of watching the opposition’s runners advance on RJ’s mistakes, and even though Johnson’s numbers are better than Moore’s so far this year (at least offensively), I find that I always feel far more comfortable watching a game when I know Moore will be starting. He works well with Jason Vargas, too – and if that combo is what it takes to have a decent number-whatever-Vargas-is (sorry, I really have no clue what the starting rotation order is anymore, and looking at isn’t really helping), then I’m all for it; more Moore!

The next two games are on at somewhat awkward times of the day because of the east coast location, and it’s supposed to be really nice this weekend. I plan on making an attempt to watch this series, but I have to be honest, with the weather starting to sort of summer-ize, I may have to take a few days off. I love summer, and I definitely need to get out of the house. I almost feel like if tonight’s game is any indication of where the team might be going in the future, I owe it to them to stay put on the couch and watch. We’ll see how it goes…

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2 Responses to Winning is fun!

  1. Craig-MarinersManiac says:

    And another negative to Satrudays game…listening to FOX Sports Broadcasters and not Dave and Dave 😦

    • section331 says:

      Oh, wow – didn’t realize it was on FOX. They sure have been showing a lot of Ms games this year. I don’t remember them showing that many in 2009.

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