Think happy thoughts

After Cliff Lee struck out Willy Aybar in the bottom of the 8th with the score at 2-1 Rays, broadcaster Dave Sims said “Cliff Lee deserves a better fate than this.” He was right. Lee pitched a 5-hit, 2-run game, and should have gotten a win for his efforts.

All I know is, I don’t envy anyone who is on the plane coming back to Oakland for the 2-game series coming up tomorrow and Tuesday. Likely to be a seriously uncomfortable and awkward flight. I’m just at a loss. I could try to pull the few positives out of this game and talk about them, but the positives – even though there are a few – feel sorely outweighed by the negatives. And the losing.

So, this is all I have…

May the next week show some more promise…

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2 Responses to Think happy thoughts

  1. Craig-MarinersManiac says:

    I dont get it…

    Our Offense cant play any worse (basically no matter what they do, they will hit better…it may still be bad…but they will score more runs than they have this month)

    Our Bullpen cant pitch any worse and give up more games than they have….

    But with all of that….

    We are 5.5 games out of 1st?

    If we beat Oakland mon/tues (oakland has actually lost 5 straight and is playing worse than us)….
    If the Angles Beat texas for 2 games (basically same thing…Angels are playing better than Texas)

    The Mariners are 3 1/2 games out of 1st place?

    This is BIZZARO-World….

    Its harder to watch this team lose…because every game We CAN and Should win some of them. but we havent.

    2008….we lost the games were 6-2 10-4 etc etc and had zero chance of winning any game…

    2010….. As frustrating as the painful losses are….We are less than 6 feet in 5 games from actually being in 1st place (thats not even asking for us to win over 50% of the 1 run games)

    I mean…The Best team in Baseball was within 1 run in two games of being Swept.

    I want to bang my head against the wall….

    We are Milton and 1 Power hitting 1st baseman away from 1st place.
    watching 90 losses by 1 run, and potentially winning 70 of them.

    I still believe deep down inside….
    But I still want to jump

    • section331 says:

      Don’t jump!

      I’m always amused by the concept of “true win”. Maybe we should have won some of these games, but the “true” part is that we lost.

      It’s funny how with the whole one-run phenomenon last year, even when we were down by only a run I was a little nervous, but sort of knew we could do it. This year if we have one run, I’m just sitting around waiting to see how we blow it, what new and creative ways we can come up with to lose.
      I think Jeff at Lookout Landing was talking about how Brandon League had some awesome slider or slurve or something that he rarely uses. I wonder why, when pitchers have something like that in their arsenal, they don’t take advantage of it. Unless he’s just not that comfortable with it….?

      I didn’t know Oakland was doing worse now – I usually try and check the standings at least every other day, but haven’t been bothering with it lately. I may actually get around to watching the whole game tonight. Sheesh!

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