Well, that sucked

As I have mentioned several times before, I prefer not to use profanity on this site, but these guys are making it really hard….

I don’t pretend to know the inner workings of how players are used or why some in-house decisions are made, while some glaringly seemingly obvious decisions are not. Bringing Sean White and Jesus Colome into a game that was that close…let’s just say that I absolutely disagree with it.

I was out on Alki beach today with some friends, but we got back to see the last 2 innings of this game, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that we were 2-0, and that Jason Vargas – once again- was doing an excellent job. Then Adam Moore got injured, and we were left with no other choice for catching outside of Rob Johnson. Then Vargas started to wind down, and we got Brandon League. Then we got Sean White. After White allowed the score to tie, we got Jesus Colome, who gave up the winning walk-off home run to Willy Aybar…

Before the season started, I remember hearing some good things about Colome, but so far this year, I have seen very little that justifies his presence on this team. Hilariously, I still plan on attending several more home games this year. Maybe I’m the one that needs to sit in the corner and think about what I’ve done.

Mood- apathetic.

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4 Responses to Well, that sucked

  1. Craig-MarinersManiac says:

    I enjoyed 2008 more than I am enjoying Wak try to give away games.

  2. Matt K says:

    It just boggles the mind: its a double play situation and League has both a killer sinker an a monster splitter that beckons ground balls… and we put in a bellow average flyball pitcher?

    Has Wak had a stroke or head injury we’ve not been made aware of?

    • section331 says:

      It really is a headscratcher. The funny thing is, I was never really anti-Sean White until this year. I would prefer to be pro-everyone – but some of the decisions being made are just jaw-dropping. Colome has got to go – at this point, I just don’t feel he has any place in the major leagues. I would rather have Garrett Olson.

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