Anyone got an aspirin?

I don’t know that I was necessarily looking forward to tonight’s game, but for some reason after the team comes back from a road trip, there is a bit of renewed hope, even when they last lost 8 of 9 games at home. It was that way in 2008 (when it really shouldn’t have been), and it’s that way now. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by this point, but I am indeed a glutton for punishment.

The Mariners managed to get a run in in the first inning (yay!), but Ryan Rowland-Smith allowed Oakland to respond to that with a two-run dinger off the bat of Kevin Kouzmanoff (boo!). Hyphen got lit up on another two-run homer by Rajai Davis as well, and by the time the second inning was over, he had given up 5 runs. In the bottom of the third inning,  another home run was given to Adam Rosales with a man on to send the score to 7-1.

Bright spot? Matt Tuiasosopo made Rajai Davis look rather foolish by hitting a solo home run in the 4th inning that went over Davis’s head, barely touching his glove. Davis tried to catch it, but wound up assisting it over the fence instead.  And then there was Ian Snell and Jesus Colome and oh dear Lord why am I writing about this? I was hoping the boys would give me reason to really put some effort into something tonight, but no. Until they do…

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  1. spankystout says:

    Poor Colbert………….

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