Here goes nothing…

I’m not sure what to say about last night’s game. I had this semi-positive post all written up where I decided to try and focus on the good things about the game, because there were at least a handful of positives. But a handful of positives don’t prevent the Oakland A’s from sweeping us in a two-game series.

I’ve been waffling now between being really super angry, and following through on my promise to let things go until the end of this month. Oh, and there’s a healthy dose of apathy as well. A really healthy dose of apathy. I’ve often been finding myself rendered speechless by our quick slide to the basement, and the things I see that are causing it.  Watching your team lose nearly every game they play and do nothing to try and prevent those losses is like watching a loved one slowly destruct over a drug addiction or their penchant for making constantly-bad decisions. It’s like a bad dream in slow motion, but this just keeps getting worse and slower.

After reading this post at USS Mariner last night, I’d hoped to open up my Twitter feed and see mutliple reports of roster moves, or at least quotes explaining why they weren’t being made. Or even quotes explaining anything, anything about last night. I found nothing. So I echo Dave’s “Changes…Or Fury.” sentiment. I don’t know how long I can be polite here, and that hurts me a little to think. This is starting to be worse than 2008.

And it’s good to know that I’m in good company. While I attempt to be upbeat and put on a happy face here, I am much the same train of thought as Scott Weber at ProBallNW. Or Conor Dowley at ProBallNW. Or Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing. Or Brett Miller at Only  Compass Rosy is my sister in remotely positive solidarity.

The only parts of yesterday that I can pluck any good out of, in no particular order:

Ryan Rowland-Smith was moved to the bullpen, enabling us to keep him on the team. For now, that is something that makes me happy. His recent starts have cost us games, but I just want the old Hyphen back. Watching his post-game interview last night (from the previous day) was absolutely heartbreaking. It is obvious that he really and truly cares about his job, and that it cuts him pretty deep to know that he’s been floundering so badly.  I don’t want to sound glib here at all, but it was actually a little refreshing to see a pitcher show a little emotion about blowing a game, rather than the typical monotone, one-word responses that most athletes give when they’ve done something wrong. This is reason alone for me to want him to succeed. Take a break in the pen, Ryan, and get back to business.

Rob Johnson did some things during last night’s game that I wasn’t quite sure Rob Johnson could do. He threw out two runners and then hit a home run to tie the game in its early stages. Then he made a baserunning error that cost us a run and got hit in the crotch with a foul tip, among other gaffes mentioned in Jeff Sullivan’s link above. But for a few brief shining seconds, it was cool to get a glimpse into what RJ could do, maybe, kind of.

Michael Saunders made an amazing sliding catch in the field, and was able to get on his feet fast enough to shoot out Daric Barton at first for the DP. I’ve seen very few things like it, the stuff of highlight reels.

And that was it.

Today, I’m going to spend some time with my schoolwork, and then around 5pm, I check the weather, dress accordingly, go grab some cash out of the ATM, and head to Pyramid or Hooverville, or wherever the weather allows in order to meet up with Jessica, Brandon, and their son Orion. Tonight we go to the Blue Jays game, courtesy of Matt Pitman and Orion’s incorrect answer about JJ Putz during Last Fan Standing earlier this year. It’s a Doug Fister night, Jessica owes me a hot dog, and the weather looks like it wants to play nice.

Pray for me?

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4 Responses to Here goes nothing…

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Dismal season, and it has got to be killing Felix and Cliff. What a waste of good pitching. Hope RRS can do better in the bullpen, he certainly hasn’t been effective as a starter.

    I have tickets to a game at the end of May, and probably won’t be able to attend. Not sure whether to be happy or sad at this point. Bleah.

    Hope you have a good time at the game???

  2. It has been a rough few weeks for Aussie Ryan Rowland-Smith, but what he needs right now is the support of all stakeholders (fans, coaches, team mates etc). Given how horrible his last start was he can only go forward. We all like to win, but sometimes winning is supporting those people who we know are capable of more. Nicholas R.W. Henning – Australian Baseball Author

    • section331 says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Nicholas!

      RRS has everyone’s support, there is absolutely no doubt about that. He is a fan favorite, and everyone wants him to succeed. He’s gone through rough patches before, so this may be par for the course for his pitching style, but he is still young and still has a lot of life left in him, to be sure. I think one of the most difficult things about watching a team you love fail is that the individuals on that team that you like the most also have their shortcomings, contributing to the problem. Our team should be better than this, and it’s difficult watching them slump so badly.
      Hyphen will be on his feet soon enough, of that I am absolutely certain.
      Cheers! 🙂

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