Fridays at SafeCo

Because we have friends who have newly moved into town from Boston, we are going to the Padres game tonight. Plus, free beach towels, and who doesn’t love a free beach towel? With a Mariners logo on it? I’d be crazy not to go! My friend Craig has been to a game once, last year. I can’t remember who the Ms were playing, but I remember it was on the same day that the Cleveland Indians beat the snot out of the New York Yankees, something like 22-4. Chien-Ming Wang was pitching for the Yanks, and the headlines in the following days from both news outlets and bloggers alike were just precious. But Kathleen has never gone, and, being from the east coast, finds it odd that we have things at our glorious SafeCo Field like Thai food and sushi. I have tried to convince her otherwise, but have the feeling she will go for a dog, rather than other delicious offerings. I’ll work on her; I’ll have her trained to enjoy a baseball game Seattle-style in no time. We do have a beautiful ballpark…

This was taken the other day, before they closed the roof for the second time.

Taken on a delightfully sunny day when we recently beat the Angels in grand fashion. And because I really haven’t been very diligent in documenting the bullpen at all this year, a picture from last year…

How about a win against San Diego tonight, boys? They’re only 24-17 – how hard can it possibly be?

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