Of course, we won, I wasn’t there

I got in the car after class today to find out that we had beaten the friendly Blue Jays 3-4. The win must have surely been dramatic, because all the runs that helped put us over the top came in the bottom of the 9th.  Having seen all the Twitter craziness on my feed, I believe that I can safely assume that Ken Griffey Jr had something to do with it, which will only give those who think he still has something to offer with the bat more fuel for their particular fire.

And that is fine.

We all like who we like player-wise. I’m sure that quite  few people would find my attachment to Garrett Olson particularly puzzling (and possibly offensive), and Garrett Olson doesn’t and never will have the same sort of status in the game as Junior. We’re all allowed to like who we like. I just ask one thing…

Rather than jump on the “Griffey haters” or “Griffey lovers”, or whatever sort of Starbellied Sneech groups you decide to camp out in, take a step back and realize that just because someone comes through in the clutch does not mean that it will happen every time. If you continue to take that road, you will likely be disappointed. For all you or I know, that was Griffey’s last productive hit. You can counter my statement with anything you like about how other players have not been producing, and you’re right. But too much faith in one player is dangerous. You can love Griffey all you want, just don’t act all shocked when, after the dramatic entrance SafeCo sets up for him, he strikes out, flies out, or pops up once again for the final out in a tight situation with men on base. I know, Griffey’s your guy, and that’s cool – but regardless of what people may or may not think of the numbers, the numbers don’t lie.

That probably came out a lot crabbier than I intended. It’s been a long day. I’m glad for the win, I don’t hate the player, I hate the game, etc.

Tomorrow the San Diego Padres come to town. Normally, I don’t care much about the Pads. Outside of Adrian Gonzalez, they’re just kind of boring to me. But hilariously, I’m going to not zero but two Padres games this weekend. Fun starts tomorrow, beach towel night. Sweet.

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2 Responses to Of course, we won, I wasn’t there

  1. Craig-MarinersManiac says:

    You’re not excited to play our “Natural Rival” and the Evil Enemy of the South? Where all Games have a playoff like Atmosphere when we play them…..

    Getting amp’d up for a Team named after Clergyman is kinds tough.

    I am Just glad they didnt put players face on the Beach towels…..I’m a Mariners Fan, but having Rob Johnson’s Face next to My Johnson….That would creep me out.

    We score a run = Happy
    They score a run = Sad
    Listening to Griffey haters and lovers fight = Me with a blindfold and ear plugs.

    • section331 says:

      It’s funny, I originally started by not completely understanding why anyone would involve themselves in the numbers, and I just wanted to watch the players…and then I realized that I liked Jeremy Reed. LOL
      I just wish people would temper their like of players with the cold hard facts of numbers. People can like whomever they want to – but you can’t argue Griffey’s numbers this year, you just can’t. I know it’s hard for people to watch their hero go down the tubes, to any extent – it was hard for me to watch what little of JJ was left in 2008 – but I wish people were able to acknowledge when a story is done. This one very well might be…

      Hopefully, our boy Lee is able to do some damage against the Pads tonight. 😀

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