Fridays at SafeCo

While I’m sitting here pondering the rain (seriously, can we just stop this now?) and plotting out the rest of my day (also, bemoaning the fact that I was up on my own at 6.30 this morning), figured I’d toss out some photos. Since we are playing the Angels tonight, perhaps they should be from an Angels game?

Jack Wilson warms up in the on-deck circle. Or at least, very close to it.

Howie Kendrick, striking out. I can only assume that the ball is in Rob Johnson’s glove, but you know what they say about assuming things*…

“Ladies and gentlemen…now pitching for the Mariners…Luke French”…?!? A rare photo of French taken before his start against the Angels last year, a game we actually won. I wish I had more to say about him, but I’ve just seen so little of him. He must have done a decent job against the Angels, because not only did we win the game, but he’s in quite a few of the pictures I took from our seats in the upper deck. He was relieved by Randy Messenger – and did I mention we won?!

Cliff Lee takes the mound against Scott Kazmir tonight, and I can hardly wait. It doesn’t seem like we’ve played the Angels a whole lot this year. And still no Boston Red Sox or Yankees…or Cleveland. Have we played Cleveland? What a weird schedule we’ve had so far this season…

*I kid because I love…kind of…

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