The Mariners lost again tonight, despite an attempt at a rally in the 9th inning. Afterwards? This happened.

I’m not going to pretend that I will miss Jesus Colome. He’s not on the same level as Miguel Batista for me, but as someone who was picked out of Spring Training to be a reliever for a major league ball club, he was never up to par. I actually kept forgetting he was even in the bullpen on our team for the entire month of April. I might miss Kanekoa Texeira a little; he wasn’t terrible.

I never had a chance to miss Sean White, and I don’t know why he’s coming back. Maybe the organization feels that since he’s been in the majors once this year, he was the obvious choice to call up. I know a lot of people don’t understand the club’s attachment to White, and I can’t say I quite get it, either. Flashes of so-so pitching mired in game-losing hill presence just don’t seem like enough of a reason to bring him back. Would Luke French not have been an option? I don’t know if I can sit through any more Sean White implosions. I would, however, love to be proven wrong, so there’s that. And, saving the best for last, my beloved Garrett Olson is making his triumphant return to the majors! This may all end in tears, but I’m pleased to have him back.*

Doug Fister did not do well tonight, and even though he did not do well, he still managed to grab an ovation from the crowd in attendance when he walked off the field in the top of the 8th, replaced by Ryan Rowland-Smith. Our offense took on the 6’11” Jon Rauch in the bottom of the 9th, and emerged with one run, but the Ken Griffey Jr ground-out and Casey Kotchman GIDP finished us off quite nicely. We were never going to win this game. The fact that the Twins actively knew exactly how to get Griffey to do what he seems to do most lately is a sign that the Ms have already become quite predictable and aren’t fooling anyone anywhere in the league anymore. I can hardly wait to get creamed by the Yankees.

*I’m allowed the privilege of changing that sentiment at any time.

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