Bye, Tex. It was nice knowing you for the short time you were here. I don’t really know what to say. It seems unjust that Texeira should have been put through waivers while Sean White continues to terrorize Seattle soil. I would have liked to see what else he could develop into with this club. I’m starting to wonder whether or not my other AL team should be the Royals, given the contingent of ex-Mariners…but I just don’t like Kansas, so no.  I suppose I can at least take some degree of comfort in knowing that he didn’t go back to New York.

In other news, I like this idea. I like it a lot. The Orioles aren’t going anywhere, and I vaguely remember hearing something about Scott being disgruntled over his DH situation there. It might not improve here, but at least he might be lending his talents to a team that is still, against some pretty hefty odds, at least standing on their tip-toes to see contention.

Multiple local blog-folk seem to feel that Chad Cordero will be movin’ on up pretty soon. Should be interesting to see if the Ms decide to really go for the gold here or just sit down and deal with the hand they’ve been dealt.

For my part, I have about 3 more hours left of class today, and then it’s Happy Felix Day, boys and girls.

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2 Responses to Boo

  1. DigitalMariner says:

    Well how do you feel about Missouri, since that’s where the Kansas City the Royals play in is located? 🙂

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