Fridays at Cheney Stadium

Why? Because I can.

I did not go to last night’s game, rather opting to give the tickets to the Jerwas while I took care of the most recent installment of yard work to pay off my debt. For anyone reading who is not in Seattle, the “spring” weather here has been nothing but rain, and yesterday was a rare day free of it, so I needed to take the opportunity to mow grass before their yard turned into marshland. I was still able to watch most of the game on TV, so I didn’t miss out on the Felix Day win. Watching Jose Lopez hit that three-runner over the wall was sweet indeed. Watching Felix all fired up after his 8th inning strikeout was even sweeter. We played ball against the Twins last night like we meant it, and it was an awesome sight to behold. David Aardsma’s flyballs still make me nervous, but by the grace of Franklin Gutierrez everything was OK.

I am also pleased to report that, despite having two more weeks left of school, all of my assignments are done. Aside from a little review for finals, all research, paper writing, and homework of any kind is done and over. O happy day. I’ve spent some time this morning watching movies and participating in general slackery. Also, searching eBay for the Happy Cat LOLcats bobblehead from last night’s Cheezburger Night. At this point in time, no luck whatsoever. Ah, well.

Some photos?

Chris Seddon winding up during one of the last games of the season, as the Rainiers were gearing up to win the PCL.

A pitcher whose name currently escapes me (it’s on the tip of my tongue, I swear) talks to a tiny fan.

This is like Dueling David Aardsmas…except that neither of those guys is David Aardsma.

Remember this guy? Jeff Clement is now listed on FanGraphs as a catcher, first baseman, and designated hitter. In 2010 with 131 plate appearances, he has an OPS of .587. He’s hit 5 home run and driven in 9. His OBP is .240. He’s been walked intentionally three times. So, y’know…go Pirates?

Speaking of the Pirates, the Los Angeles Angels are in town tonight, and Ian Snell is on the hill. He’ll be up against Joe Saunders, so that should be fun. Now, to figure out what to do with the remainder of my day…

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