Can I get a do-over on 2010?

If I had had access to $40, I would have taken up a fellow Lookout Landing-er on a full day of Mariners/Sounders fun. But because $40 can buy my unemployed self groceries and gasoline to get to school, I opted instead for doing yardwork while attached to my walkman. I wasn’t able to finish what has become an extremely overgrown yard and garden patch, but the Mariners weren’t able to win, so I guess we’re even. I bailed on the yard in the 6th inning after battling hip-high weeds and grass for 5 hours. I’ll take headache over backache any day. This game was so awful that Dave Niehaus resorted to singing the first verse of “Wabash Cannonball” over the air.

The coolest thing that occurred during this afternoon’s game? Ichiro got his 1,000th run in. I figured he would do it soon, and figured I wouldn’t be able to see it. Right on both counts. Congratulations to Ichiro. When all else fails in Seattle, Ichiro is the gift that keeps on giving.

I have nothing further to say about this game that you won’t find at other blogs later today, so here are some before and after photos of what I did while it was on, before and after shots, accordingly:

You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is a huge clear bit of dirt in the middle of that last one, and I’m quite proud of it, as it was full of plant matter before I got outside. Did a lot of it during the pre-game show, so thanks to the broadcasting team for giving me something distracting. I’m just glad the game was on during the day. If I spent all day long doing manual labor only to try and relax with the mess currently being fed into my ears over the radio…well, things would not have been pretty.

EDITs are fun: Just discovered that because my t-shirt rode up when I was bent over weeding, I now have a sunburn across the lower part of my back. I’m holding Rob Johnson responsible. No, I don’t need a reason.

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2 Responses to Can I get a do-over on 2010?

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Congratulations to Ichiro, and it sounds like Hyphen did ok. Unfortunately, our offense is marginal at best and our bullpen blows big chunks! Ugh. 😦

    On a brighter note (!), looks like you got a lot of yard work done. Getting ready for a barbecue? 🙂

    • section331 says:

      My friend wants to actually use her garden patch to plant things this year. My only want was for a rototiller – could have really used it yesterday. :/

      I’m so bummed about the pen this year. They were my guys! 😦 Oh, well. Still can’t believe we kept Sean White and let Tex go. :p

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