Well, at least for now there’s always hockey

Luke French was recalled from Tacoma today, and Doug Fister was added to the 15-day DL. Take two steps, fall back five? Because of my financial situation, I haven’t been to nearly as many Rainiers games so far this year as I was originally planning to. Since I don’t glom on to analysis normally, I have no idea what French has been up to down in T-Town. From what I understand, he’s been decent. But of course, as has been proven time and time again, “decent” in Triple A doesn’t necessarily equate with greatness at a major league level. Speaking of Triple A, Jack Wilson made a rehab start at shortstop during today’s game against the Las Vegas 51s. EDIT: No, he did not. Per Larry Stone’s Twitter account, Wilson was scratched at the last minute due to a slick field and the organization not wanting to risk him doing anymore damage. Bummer, I was looking forward to seeing if he was OK.

The game today was…interesting. Both Chone Figgins and Don Wakamatsu got tossed from the game in the second/third inning. I was trying to do a few different things at once, and was unable to follow what was going on. Wak argued with umpire Tim Tschida over something, but everyone in the broadcasting booth must have missed it, too, because nobody was quite sure what was going on. I’m still reeling a little from Wak getting tossed during a regular season game. I wonder if the umps are giving him a shorter leash because they know his freak-out threshold is higher than most other managers. Replay showed Figgins being tossed as he crossed first base, and the word as I was writing this seemed to be that Figgins had actually struck out? I’m sure we’ll find out, but how weird. At that point in the game the score was 3-1 in our favor, so we still had a while to go, and only a small lead to protect. EDIT: According to (yet another) Tweet by Larry Stone, Figgins had a beef about a call earlier in the game. Umpire Tim Timmons also involved.

With Figgins pulled, Matt Tuiasosopo was put in at second base and Figgy’s batting slot, with somewhat disastrous consequences. Tui confuses me. He’s never been spectacular, but it seems that lately he’s just been more awful than awful. It’s funny, though – with all the black eyes and marks against it this team has, I still like this team far better than 2008’s Mariners. Even Rob Johnson. I don’t know why. I think it’s because this year, at least we have players that should be good, rather than a bunch we already know are not. And there are bright spots. Our rotation is far superior to 2008. We still have Ichiro. We have Franklin Gutierrez locked down for a few years, and Felix as well.  With the draft coming up, and our front office being what it is, we might actually have a decent chance at more building for our future. I’m sure there are more positives, I just need more time to think of them…

The Angels managed to get over us by a run in the top of the 6th inning, but Ichiro responded with an RBI double at the bottom of it, sending a racing Michael Saunders home all the way from first. Something about watching baserunners just bail all-out makes me absolutely giddy. When they’re ours, of course. Michael Saunders has some wheels. I love him dearly.

Shawn Kelley was put into the 7th inning of the game for a shot at redemption, but it was not to be. After Hideki Matsui took a single from him, Mike Napoli hit a home run over right field. I was hoping things would turn around for Kelley today, and I’ve been hoping that he would go back to pre-oblique-strain Kelley from early last year as perhaps more of a long-term thing. But he hasn’t been quite right since that injury. He struck out Juan Rivera, then gave up a base hit to Kevin Frandsen.  With two outs, Robb Quinlan hit a double to move runners to second and third, and Garrett Olson was sent out by Wakamatsu’s replacement Ty Van Burkleo to take the hill. Olson had to deal to Erick Aybar, which didn’t work out well for him; Aybar was walked to load the bases and give Olson Howie Kendrick to contend with. Kendrick’s attempt at any sort of RBI was thwarted by Our Hero, Franklin Gutierrez, diving face-first into the ground to get Olson out of a giant boiling vat of hot water.

Brandon League took over in the 8th and kept the Angels at bay, and Fernando Rodney pitched the bottom 8th and gave up a double to Josh Wilson. Eliezer Alfonso took a walk, and while Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” blared from the PA system, Ichiro stepped up to the plate. Ichiro then grounded into a force out. Yay. David Aardsma came into the 9th, and after Juan Rivera hit an RBI double, I decided to go grocery shopping.

I know that it is unrealistic to think that this season can be salvaged. As I post this here, news is handed down via several sources that Mike Carp is being called up from Tacoma. Who goes down? Nobody knows yet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some soup to eat on this dreary day, and the Blackhawks/Flyers game is 5-2 in Chicago’s favor.

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