The morning after

I don’t know why I find the headline here amusing, but I do. I think it’s because to a lot of us, Ian Snell’s job has always been in doubt. While I give him kudos for standing up and taking responsibility this time (who else was he going to blame it on, though), and I have been hoping since he got here that he’d be able to turn things around in Seattle, I think the “Ian Snell Experiment”, as a lot of other folks have been calling it, must come to an end. Whether that means he goes to Tacoma or gets DFA’d, I don’t know. Honestly, I’m in a bit of shock that I woke up to zero news of any changes being made. Maybe I shouldn’t be, given the front office’s snail-pace of taking care of business this year, but when they can send Eric Byrnes packing as fast as they did, silence on the Snell front is a bit bothersome.

I didn’t watch a whole lot of yesterday’s game, mainly because I didn’t have much hope. I had it on in the background while I was doing other things, but my attention was not on the game. At 8-2 early on, and with Luke French coming in to attempt to save the day (or at least make it less embarrassing), why bother investing a lot of energy in 9 innings’ worth of sorrow? I switched channels around the 7th inning to watch the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs, which the Chicago Blackhawks won in overtime. I’ve never seen a Stanley celebration (not even with Detroit a few years ago), so we watched all of that while my Canadian friend Gord explained The Precious that is the Stanley Cup, and the traditions surrounding it. Winning on enemy ice is likely not as sweet as winning on home ice, but the ‘Hawks didn’t seem to mind.

If you need a good laugh about the 2010 Mariners season, you can find it at USS Mariner. If you need another, Jeff Sullivan has a list of Texas Rangers that won’t be receiving birthday wishes from him this year. One Twitter user (I have to assume it was a fan of another team) referred to Mariners fans in general as “bitter”.  You’re damn skippy we’re bitter, sonny Jim. We were made promises that have been broken, our team is offense-free, we’re riddled with injuries and weird drama, and on top of everything, we get to contend with reports of inter-clubhouse squabbling that makes our squad look like a bunch of petulant children. Of course, anyone who isn’t a frequent reader of Sullivan’s might also not understand the concept of sarcasm, but I don’t want to give the Twitter user that much credit. Yes. The Mariners fanbase is angry. But I challenge anyone to find me a fanbase of a team doing so poorly who wouldn’t be. And  really – though I had long since turned away from the game by then – there were Texas staff making pitching mound visits in the 9th inning when they were up by 10?! That shows one of two things; either a) you’re just trying to rub the other team’s nose in it, or b) you’re not at all confident in the guy holding the ball. Since I have to assume that ‘b’ is not really and truly an issue for the Rangers, I’m going with ‘a’, and the Texas Rangers are a bunch of jackasses. Except CJ Wilson. Him, I like.

Lastly, I apologize for this post being laced with more swears than normal. I’m just frustrated. So frustrated, in fact, that I am debating forgoing tonight’s game in favor of a friend’s birthday dinner at 7 Stars. At least there I might get a tasty bite to eat, rather than having to chew the woody, bland pulp that is the Seattle Mariners.

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