Fridays at SafeCo

The fact that I like baseball and that the summer is still young are two of the only things keeping me afloat right now. But over the last 24 hours, I found another reason to keep my head up; Ryan Rowland-Smith’s Twitter account. In spite of everything going on with the team right now, in spite of everything that’s happened to him recently, he is still managing to keep a sunny disposition. Even with so-called “fans” coming after him online, he is still cheery and bright. It’s funny – regardless of how horrendous his pitching has been recently, you really can’t help but like the guy, and I really can’t help but maintain a little bit of hope. If not for a division-winning end to this season, at least an end around .500. Sure, it may be misguided hope, but that’s part of what being a baseball fan is all about – and if you don’t believe me, ask a Cubs fan.*

So, while I sit here debating how late is too late for coffee and my ability to sleep this evening, I figured I’d dig up some photos of some worse times for the Mariners, all courtesy of the AP Newswire

Remember this? This was worse than now. Felix Hernandez got spiked in the ankle by Carlos Beltran as he was trying to cover home. This was on the tail of the grand slam he hit earlier in the game. This was one of my own worse memories of the 2008 season.

This is still probably one of the most painful pictures I’ve ever seen taken of a Seattle Mariner. It ranks up there with the recent Shawn Kelley photo taken at the game the other day. I was a huge Roy Corcoran fan (I really do attach myself to the underdog), and this photo was just…soul crushing. He may have just been wiping his brow, but he looks totally devastated to me.

If I have to explain why this is bad, you haven’t been paying attention…

And this one? Fifteenth inning against the Detroit Tigers, and our bullpen was so lame and depleted that Jamie Burke had to come in and pitch. He was decent, if memory serves (around 80MPH with some movement), but not good enough to keep the Tigers from winning 2-1.

So, hey; things could be worse! They can always be worse.

Jason Vargas on the dirt today to take on the San Diego Padres. I’ll be watching…

*That isn’t a slam, by the way; I actually admire Cubbies fans for their tenacity.

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