2-9 on the road

We are now the team that other teams come to when they need a little ego boost. We’re the fat girl that her skinny but slightly homely friend hangs out with, because even though the skinny girl isn’t attractive, at least she’s not fat. Basically, we’re me. Awesome.

The most enjoyable part of today’s game was watching Ichiro and Albert Pujols banter in a friendly way back and forth while Ichi was on first, and Pujols was attempting to help tag him out. It’s always funny to me how nice these guys can be to each other, while their fans are up in the nosebleeds, fighting and calling each other names. It gives me more of an appreciation for the game to know that while I may dislike the average Angels fan, Kendry Morales and Felix Herndandez may actually be buddies, just like in that PlayStation commercial. And I don’t even dislike fans of any team, as long as they’re cool with me, so maybe that’s a bad comparison.

Wow. Is that all I have left here?

Milton Bradley showed a little fire, first going long, and then having a wee  bit of a helmet-tosser after being forced out in the 5th inning. He’s also taking the initiative to lead team meetings lately (or at least one), as likely everyone knows by now. He went from being on the brink of proving his detractors right to being kind of a team leader in less than two months. I can dig it. I’m glad we have him for another year, and I do hope they decide to keep him, I’ll just say it.

I took some notes in an effort to try and maintain a positive outlook, but they weren’t much, and after Pujols his his 15th home run of the season off Shawn Kelley, it sort of didn’t seem to matter anymore. I’ve heard some talk on the wind of a trade involving Cliff Lee – or multiple trade rumors, anyway, and things just keep getting worse. Ian Snell has also been DFA’d, and I’m guessing there will be no issue with him clearing waivers. I feel bad for Ian. I really wanted this to be the place where he turned things around, because it seemed like it could be. But I guess it’s not. I don’t believe in curses, but I’m starting to feel like we’re cursed. Has anyone bothered looking for a Vlad Guerrero Expos jersey in the foundation of SafeCo somewhere? Or an Alex Rodriguez Rangers bobblehead, maybe buried in the dirt by the train tracks, under our very own rolling roof? I suspect supernatural foul play is at work, because that’s the only excuse I feel I have anymore for any of what’s been going on. We’re on track to win around 60 games. Welcome back, 2008.

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