Metsgrrl’s adventure in Camden

I’ll admit it, I don’t often get around to reading blogs from fans of other teams. I have a lot to worry about with my own people, and it can be difficult to read, say, a Tigers fan’s blog when the Mariners are doing so badly. But I do every once in a while take a cruise down Enemy Lane just to see what the other folks are up to.  It gives me more of a balanced look into the game, and a lot of these people are damn fine writers, and well worth my time. Well worth your time, too. One of my favorites is Caryn over at

I don’t really consider any team in the NL an adversary per se (sorry, not even the Padres. The notion that somehow our “natural” rival is in some city in southern California, over a 15-hour drive away is ridiculous to me), but the Mets did try and kill Felix a while back, so perhaps I can give them enemy status for a little bit. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about Caryn’s recent visit to Camden Yards to see the Mets play the Baltimore Orioles in interleague play. Post is here, and it is full of glorious pictures and descriptions of Mets BP, a winning game for visiting fans, and a tale of two birds.

Fans on the east coast are quite lucky, in my opinion. Living up here in Seattle, we have three professional ballparks in the area, but they are all for the Mariners organization. Even the Sounders will eventually get an actual, local, Real Live Rival(tm) within the next year when the Portland Timbers go MLS. We play the Padres every year, and whether we win or lose, I don’t really care all that much. I often wonder if there are people that do. Are there people that get that worked up over a Mariners/Padres rivalry? If they’re out there, I’d love to meet at least one. I just can’t see it. I get far more annoyed with the droves of Red Sox Nation, and the Yankees fans with their tacky team accessories than I do with anyone wearing a Padres jersey. A Mariners/Padres game is more like a friendly handshake than an angry punch. It’s anticlimactic.

But I digress…

I would love to have the ability to visit other parks. The best I am able to afford to do on any sort of regular basis (and even that is limited, at the moment) is drive to Portland and go to PGE Park, home of the Portland Beavers…who are…the Padres Triple A affiliate. Heavy sigh. Our three ballparks are very nice (the seats in Everett Memorial Stadium are downright lounge-y, for stadium seats) and I love them, but it would be nice to have a major league rival’s stadium within doable travel distance. I’d even go to Idaho. Caryn’s post actually makes me rather regret not being into baseball back in 2003, when I spent about 3 days in Baltimore with Tom’s band during some tour downtime. We easily had the time to go to a game, and of course at that point in my life, baseball was the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t have any way of knowing that I should be interested in the Orioles, had no attachment to them for any reason whatsoever. I’m kicking myself a bit now. The only time I’m over on the east coast is during the Christmas holiday, when, of course, there is no baseball.

So, to sum up, I’m jealous, it’s a good article, go read it. Happy Wednesday, folks.

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