The road to nowhere

I didn’t watch the game tonight. It is in fact the first night of the season that I didn’t watch it voluntarily. I had some things to take care of, and tonight just happened to be the night to do that, and I figured one more loss isn’t going to make much of a difference in the way that I feel about this season.

And of course we won.

I got back into the car from a friend’s birthday party just in time to hear David Aardsma throw his last few pitches to win a 2-1 game. Third game won on a ten game road trip. I don’t know if there is a polar opposite of .500, but we appear to be close to it. So now I’m back home, dyeing my hair and trying to get to bed at a decent time for my last final of the term. Eh.

I listened to a bit of the post-game show with Mike Salk, and inevitably, as it does at this time of the season for teams that are as bad as the Mariners, talk turned to the trade deadline (which I realize isn’t technically a deadline, but whatever), and who we might have of some value. Cliff Lee is the shiniest car on the lot, but the names David Aardsma and…Ichiro were brought up.

 I’m not terribly attached to Cliff Lee. There, I said it. He is a great pitcher, and it has been wonderful to watch him throw while wearing a Mariners uniform, but I knew he was one-and-done before the season started, and all the losing has taken the lustre out of the acquisition for me. I can’t even say that if our offense was backing him up I’d be more into him, because I know that even if we had done well, he’d still be leaving at the end of the season. It’s hard to really get into a relationship when you know it’s just going to end. Unless, of course, it’s with the closer…

And David Aardsma, well…as much as I like him, and as much as I like the closer in general, I am very much aware that they are like fireflies; enjoy them while you can, because they’ll be gone in a few weeks. My love affair with Aardsma was doomed before it started, and I sort of knew that. And after nearly a year and a half of Aardsma, he’s still not JJ Putz. You never forget your first. I would not be crying into my beer if they traded the DA, but I would definitely miss him. Then again, his departure would clear the way for the Next Big Thing here in Seattle. I’d love for the Mariners to nail down a Papelbon or Rivera type closer, one that was good for a bit of a longer haul. Knowing my luck, I’ll get Sean White.

Which brings me to the last name on the list, Ichiro Suzuki. Salk did say that it would only be in some bizarre alternate universe that Ichiro would be used in a trade, but the very thought of it chills me. Seattle Mariners baseball without Ichiro Suzuki would be like Pike Market without the fish mongers. It’d be like grunge without flannel, like every Seattle street corner without a Starbucks. Like the Pacific Northwest without salmon, totem poles, or the ocean. Many of you have known Mariners baseball without Ichiro. But I have not. When I realized I had moved to a city with a major league team back in 2001, I had no idea what baseball really was, but there was one name I heard everywhere, and I knew that one name to be a baseball player. I-CHI-RO! If the Seattle Mariners traded Ichiro Suzuki, it’d be like a million voices cried out at once…and were silenced. I hope whatever universe Mike Salk is referring to is indeed in a galaxy far, FAR away, because I am not ready for an Ichiro-free Seattle Mariners. It is beyond my comprehension, and frankly, makes me a little queasy. I know that it is not terribly likely that Ichiro would leave, but having it brought up in conversation in public was like having a bowl of ice water tossed at my noggin.

I am happy for tomorrow’s day off. I have tickets to the Reds game this Saturday, and am debating leaving the camera at home. My laptop is currently in the shop, and will likely be out of commission for the next week, so pictures cannot be uploaded anywhere. Then again, I know that the second I leave it, I’ll get down there and find that there is something I want a photo of. I cannot win for trying. Anyway, this was a bit of a pointless post, I guess. Yay, winning? That’s all I got…

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2 Responses to The road to nowhere

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    So, is Vargas the new staff ace for the M’s? 😉

    It was good to see Jason get the win and DA get the save, and am glad that the team hasn’t totally given up. The team desperately needs more offense, and I hope that our draft picks from last year and this year are beginning to rebuild the farm system. Right now the offense is on life support, and it is hard to have hope in a one run game.

    I understand what you are saying about Cliff, but I still have this totally irrational hope that maybe the M’s could sign him … ok that is insane.

    • section331 says:

      Yeah, I think his initial reaction was really what kind of started me down Detachment Road. He had just come off a team that went to the World Series twice in two consecutive years, to a team that had a winning season, but was still not a ‘winner’ per se. It’s got to be kind of a let down. It’s obvious that he’s not happy when he pitches full games – he knows the bullpen might give away his lead, and he wants to prevent that from happening – who wouldn’t?

      I love the fact that Vargas has sort of come into his own this year. I think I started to sit up and take notice when he did so well against the Giants last season. It was hard not to look at a performance like that, up against one of the greatest pitchers ever, and not admire Vargas’ determination. I hope he continues, and that if he does, we manage to nail him down for a while. A 5-2 record is nothing to snort at, not on this team, not this year. Good for him.

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