This post sucks. I miss my laptop.

I feel like I should say something about yesterday’s game, even though I was not able to watch all of it. I watched from about the 6th inning on, and was fairly happy about the win. Some random bits…

Cliff Lee pitched another full game. I was giving my friend Craig, the Yankees fan, hassle when Lee came back out on the field for the 9th. I believe my exact words were “Watch as your team’s future drains slowly away here.” He hadn’t apparently heard the rumor that is currently connecting Lee to the Yankees, though, so it didn’t make any sense to him. My joke failed. I was just happy to see how excited Rob Johnson got after that last out, and watching Felix Hernandez clap Lee on the back as everyone walked back to the dugout was heart-warming. We need some heart-warming moments this year, I’ll take it. Whether or not this was Lee’s last game, I have no clue. I understand Jack Zduriencik and company have been fielding many phone calls regarding Lee’s availability. It makes sense to trade him, but it will make the rest of the season even more painful. To say that Lee’s been a bright spot this year is an understatement, of course.

Luke French is no longer with us, and Mike Sweeney is back. Not that French was winning any medals, but our rotation just feels doomed. Then again, that’s like saying you have a sinking feeling when you’re on the deck of the Titanic. This is exhausting.

Jose Lopez is not normally the guy you want running anywhere in a tight situation, but he was the only runner who scored last night, and he did it in spite of everything I know about Jose Lopez. The throw to the plate was in time, but Lopi skirted the Reds’ catcher as if the man was a girl with cooties, planting his left hand on the plate as he slid across the dirt. Replay showed safety, and the ump got the call right. ‘Twas a beautiful thing.

I don’t know from National League teams most of the time, but I understand that the Cinncinati Reds are a good team this year. I am thankful for Cliff Lee’s presence on this team – were it not for him, last night would be another nail in a coffin that is already well past full. Tonight Felix goes up against Sam LeCure, and I plan on being there for it. I’m hoping for good Felix. Fingers and toes crossed.

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