Everybody wins!

I was at a Felix Hernandez complete game WIN! I have photos, but figure I’ll save them for a Fridays at SafeCo post, since I can’t put them up now. This is going to be messy. It’s late and I’m tired…

The day could not have been much better. I got down to the ballpark and got some good parking around Hooverville (free, of course), then meandered on past the hot dog vendors and peanut sellers to the left field entrance to wait for Brandon and Jessica to show up. As I was standing there watching the crowds gather at the gates, a familiar face walked by. It was that of Brett from SodoMojo.com. If you’ve ever watched the games on TV, he’s the keeper of a giant sign that sometimes hangs over by the Ichi-Meter folks that says “In Z We Trust”. He and I stood around and talked baseball for a good half hour or so before he needed to go into the field, and I was shortly thereafter notified of the Jerwas impending arrival. Meanwhile, the weather was slowly starting to turn, and I hoped it was not an omen. The only thing it turned out to be an omen of was rain. We got a little damp, but the roof was eventually pulled, and dryness was had.

Once inside, we took our seats, and I was messing around with Twitter when I saw notification of a game contest on the Mariners Twitter account. I received my instructions, and re-tweeted as I was told, figuring that since I never win anything, I would be too late on the draw. Ten minutes later, however, I discovered that I had won a Mariners tote bag full of swag: another beach towel, an Ichiro-designed t-shirt, the Felix Express die-cast train, a 2010-2011 calendar, and a magnetic schedule. I missed both the tote night and Ichiro t-shirt nights (I actually wanted both promo items), so I was (and still am) feeling pretty pleased about my haul. The Ichiro t-shirt is huge, but I’ll live. I couldn’t afford to go to that game, and missed the tote by about 20 minutes.

The Mariners assisted the rest of the evening’s festivities by winning their second game against an aggressive Cinncinati Reds team. Michael Saunders and Ichiro both took the Reds yard (Ichiro singly, Saunders with men on), there were some fantastic defensive moves by both sides, and David Aardsma was, of course, not needed because Felix was on a roll. It was 2009 Felix, the good kind. And apparently, there have not been back-to-back Mariners complete game wins for some 15 years now. I will miss the Lee/Hernandez 1-2 punch when it’s gone. Also, Chone Figgins did some base stealing, so that was pretty cool.

The Reds walked Casey Kotchman in the 6th with two men on to load the bases for Rob Johnson, who they (and I) were probably assuming they could get to ground into a double play – or any kind of double play. RJ wasn’t having it, though, and delivered a sacrifice fly. It was then that Saunders delivered his homer over right field to drive everyone in, and that was all she wrote. The rest of the game was just cake.

I was also musing on Twitter how it’s either funny or kind of sad that our starting pitching – or at least two of our starting pitchers – are seemingly terrified of allowing our pen to come in and damage their games. Then again, if you have arms like Hernandez and Lee’s, who can actually get the job done while hovering around a 100-ish pitch count (Felix tossed 116 tonight), you might as well let them finish the job.

There are a lot of other things that happened at the game, but I’m exhausted and I didn’t have a pen to take notes because I didn’t plan ahead. Oops. We’re still in the basement, but maybe we’ve at least found the stairs. Now to turn on some lights…

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2 Responses to Everybody wins!

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Felix was fun to watch last night, and it was great to see him get some run support from the offense. This season is over, but maybe it will be less dismal if the offense starts to show up on a more regular basis. Might as well enjoy Felix and Lee while we got them, doubt that Lee will be here much longer. What could have been … 😦

    Got your tweet about the swag – that was pretty cool! πŸ™‚ You should post a picture of all the loot you got from the M’s. If your Ichiro-designed t-shirt is too large, I think I know someone who would be willing to take it off your hands (as a favor, of course). πŸ˜‰

    • section331 says:

      haha! I would have liked it better had it been pink, lime, or orange, but navy is fine. I actually gave the towel to a friend, as I wound up with three of them at the actual towel night. The rest of it I might take a photo of, however – whenever I get my laptop back. 😦

      It was a good game to be at, for sure. Just wish it hadn’t been so cold. I’m really wanting the summer to finally arrive. Under 60 when it’s this close to July is just…weird.

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